DX Updates for 2019-10-19 - 61 new

Discussion in 'Daily DX Log' started by QRZ, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. QRZ

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    New DX Callsign Report for 2019-10-19 - 61 additions

    Added: GB2JSA (Jersey)
    Name: Simon Langlois
    Manager: GJ4ODX
    Date: 2019-10-19 00:16:26

    Added: GX3CNX ()
    Name: Grimsby Amateur radio Society C/O Carl Flynn G7EOG
    Manager: G7EOG
    Date: 2019-10-19 00:29:35

    Added: JI3XOK/8 (Japan)
    Name: Katsuhiko Inagaki
    Manager: JI3XOK
    Date: 2019-10-19 01:54:21

    Added: LU2MRS (Argentina)
    Name: Marcelo P Rocamora
    Manager: LU1MAW
    Date: 2019-10-19 02:09:16

    Added: H91GP (Panama)
    Manager: HP1ALX
    Date: 2019-10-19 02:35:59

    Added: H40TT (Temotu)
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2019-10-19 03:03:51

    Added: H40KT (Temotu)
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2019-10-19 03:14:24

    Added: VK5HSI ()
    Name: Adrian J Higgins
    Manager: VK5HSI
    Date: 2019-10-19 05:41:22

    Added: F1ZQQ (France)
    Name: Lionel DERRIEN
    Manager: F4GGU
    Date: 2019-10-19 06:15:30

    Added: PA4X/P (Netherlands)
    Name: Frank van LeXmond
    Manager: PA4X
    Date: 2019-10-19 06:33:48

    Added: YH5AJG (Indonesia)
    Name: JOTA Station Kwarcab Padang
    Manager: YB5BOY
    Date: 2019-10-19 06:39:40

    Added: TC29EKIM (Turkey)
    Name: Special Event Callsign for the Anniversary of 29th of October. ANTRAK Ankara Radio Amateurs Club
    Manager: TA2UIL
    Date: 2019-10-19 07:34:48

    Added: TC10N (Turkey)
    Name: November 10th Atatürk Memorial Day ANTRAK Ankara Radio Amateurs Club
    Manager: TA2UIL
    Date: 2019-10-19 07:35:37

    Added: YC5KOR (Indonesia)
    Manager: YC5BBN
    Date: 2019-10-19 07:36:01

    Added: OR18TLS (Belgium)
    Name: UBA/TLS tussen leie en schelde CLUBSTATION ON6MS
    Manager: ON4BWT
    Date: 2019-10-19 08:45:12

    Added: R0LGY (Asiatic Russia )
    Name: Aleksandr Dvoinin
    Manager: UA0LBF
    Date: 2019-10-19 08:49:17

    Added: YH0AJCA (Indonesia)
    Name: JOTA Station South Jakarta Kwartir Ranting Cilandak
    Manager: YC0OST
    Date: 2019-10-19 08:54:33

    Added: DO9YY (Germany)
    Name: Michael Hantsch
    Manager: DL7KP
    Date: 2019-10-19 09:37:25

    Added: EI19LSJ (Ireland)
    Name: Lissarda Scout Group
    Manager: EI9FVB
    Date: 2019-10-19 10:16:26

    Added: YB8MYO (Indonesia)
    Manager: YB8PR
    Date: 2019-10-19 10:24:28

    Added: TM30CDR (France)
    Name: Radio Club F6KUQ
    Manager: F5RUE
    Date: 2019-10-19 11:06:04

    Added: YU5MMA (Serbia)
    Name: Siniša Aleksi?
    Manager: YU4BOX
    Date: 2019-10-19 11:15:20

    Added: M6DLZ ()
    Name: Gerry
    Manager: EA8CTB
    Date: 2019-10-19 11:37:10

    Added: DL2DAP (Germany)
    Name: Heinz Plate
    Manager: DJ1FC
    Date: 2019-10-19 11:58:53

    Added: SP7DE (Poland)
    Name: Darek Dobros
    Manager: SP7X
    Date: 2019-10-19 12:09:06

    Added: YD3RAN (Indonesia)
    Manager: YB3FTD
    Date: 2019-10-19 12:22:31

    Added: PA1HS/J (Netherlands)
    Name: Henk Strabbing
    Manager: PA1HS
    Date: 2019-10-19 12:55:13

    Added: F5LKW/P (France)
    Manager: F5LKW
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:00:01

    Added: OZ6Q (Denmark)
    Name: Søren Hübertz Thomsen
    Manager: OZ1RE
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:07:58

    Added: YH7UJG (Indonesia)
    Name: Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)
    Manager: YC7YGR
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:17:41

    Added: VK5FEAR ()
    Name: Nathan Grundy
    Manager: VK5FEAR
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:36:25

    Added: YH7UJI (Indonesia)
    Name: Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)
    Manager: YC7YGR
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:52:40

    Added: LA2LNA (Norway)
    Manager: W8IJN
    Date: 2019-10-19 13:57:46

    Added: BG4TRN/AS136 (China)
    Name: Tao Peng
    Manager: BG4TRN
    Date: 2019-10-19 15:08:55

    Added: PH6V (Netherlands)
    Name: Harry Verhoeven
    Manager: PE5HV
    Date: 2019-10-19 15:38:41

    Added: OR8BB (Belgium)
    Name: Patrick Vermeulen
    Manager: ON8BB
    Date: 2019-10-19 16:18:09

    Added: YH5AJK (Indonesia)
    Name: JOTA Station Kwarcab Bukittinggi
    Manager: YD5LCZ
    Date: 2019-10-19 16:50:06

    Added: SP4ZHP ()
    Name: Harcerski Klub ?acznosci SP4ZHP Scout Radio Club Station SP4ZHP
    Manager: SQ4RCU
    Date: 2019-10-19 16:59:00

    Added: 2E0JOT (England)
    Name: Faz Flintham
    Manager: 2E0COV
    Date: 2019-10-19 17:07:31

    Added: OR7ER (Belgium)
    Name: Jean-Michel / John / Vancauwenberghe
    Manager: ON7ER
    Date: 2019-10-19 17:38:21

    Added: GB1FES (England)
    Name: Robert J Bonar
    Manager: G1ONV
    Date: 2019-10-19 17:56:38

    Added: SP7WQY ()
    Name: Rados?aw
    Manager: SP5CWC
    Date: 2019-10-19 18:05:06

    Added: E22OOP (Thailand)
    Name: Takrit Kongsomkun
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 18:26:57

    Added: PY5PAC (Brazil)
    Name: Walmir Veiga Mattos
    Manager: PY5SJO
    Date: 2019-10-19 18:42:29

    Added: OE1PIM (Austria)
    Name: Markus Pilz
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 18:55:59

    Added: N6GWH/P (United States)
    Name: George W Hunt
    Manager: N6GWH
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:00:56

    Added: VE7KXZ (Canada)
    Name: Joshua A. King
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:04:21

    Added: PU1GLA (Brazil)
    Name: Geraldo Luiz Angelo
    Manager: PP1WW
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:08:37

    Added: YD5ABC (Indonesia)
    Name: Hafiza Salsabila. S
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:09:23

    Added: UB0ALU (Asiatic Russia )
    Name: Pavel I Tipikin
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:15:59

    Added: OH6HC (Finland)
    Name: Heimo Oksanen
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 19:22:16

    Added: ZS6SCO (South Africa)
    Name: Norman Scotland
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 20:05:27

    Added: DL3FAV (Germany)
    Name: Dieter Mueller
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 20:17:45

    Added: GB6BSG (England)
    Name: Broadstone Scout Group
    Manager: G6MXL
    Date: 2019-10-19 20:19:58

    Added: CE3HSC (Chile)
    Manager: N4YQT
    Date: 2019-10-19 20:22:47

    Added: F/VA3UG (France)
    Name: Warren Zinger
    Manager: VA3UG
    Date: 2019-10-19 20:46:15

    Added: S21LI (Bangladesh)
    Name: MD Mohimunul Haque (Faud)
    Manager: N3MEQ
    Date: 2019-10-19 22:16:56

    Added: N4NEH/2 (United States)
    Name: PAUL R DEPPE
    Manager: N4NEH
    Date: 2019-10-19 22:31:40

    Added: DO4ASB (Germany)
    Name: Axel Schmidt
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 22:39:55

    Added: KE0LLH/AG (United States)
    Name: Bradley D Fox
    Manager: KE0LLH
    Date: 2019-10-19 23:33:16

    Added: BG7LDM (China)
    Name: DongGuan Radio Sports Association
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2019-10-19 23:35:01

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