DX Updates for 2018-10-09 - 63 new

Discussion in 'Daily DX Log' started by QRZ, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. QRZ

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    New DX Callsign Report for 2018-10-09 - 63 additions

    Added: IK4MFO ()
    Name: gabriele
    Manager: I6XCN
    Date: 2018-10-09 00:58:29

    Added: DY0MK (Philippines)
    Manager: DV1MG
    Date: 2018-10-09 01:57:36

    Added: VR2YTV ()
    Name: Jackie Yeung
    Manager: VR2VPH
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:00:19

    Added: NG7M/HI3 (Dominican Republic)
    Name: MAX M GEORGE
    Manager: NG7M
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:22:45

    Added: NG7M/HI9 (Dominican Republic)
    Name: MAX M GEORGE
    Manager: NG7M
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:23:34

    Added: EI/NG7M (Ireland)
    Name: MAX M GEORGE
    Manager: NG7M
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:25:55

    Added: MI/NG7M (Northern Ireland)
    Name: MAX M GEORGE
    Manager: NG7M
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:26:32

    Added: CO3VO (Cuba)
    Name: Jorge V. Martínez Ortega
    Manager: CO3JN
    Date: 2018-10-09 02:31:50

    Added: YF3DBH/YG3DB ()
    Manager: YG3DBH
    Date: 2018-10-09 04:33:37

    Added: VI2PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Institute of Australia VI2PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 04:37:47

    Added: SP5PK (Poland)
    Name: Piotr Kozlowski
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 07:46:07

    Added: HC5M (Ecuador)
    Name: Uwe Dowidat
    Manager: DL8UD
    Date: 2018-10-09 08:03:59

    Added: GB100MPD (England)
    Name: Poldhu Amateur Radio Club
    Manager: G3UCQ
    Date: 2018-10-09 08:42:07

    Added: M6OIX (England)
    Name: j t stanley
    Manager: M6OIZ
    Date: 2018-10-09 09:31:23

    Added: OD5MY (Lebanon)
    Name: Youssef RICHA
    Manager: OD5KU
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:10:03

    Added: M6CQR/2E0CVI ()
    Manager: M6CQR
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:11:08

    Added: 2E0CVI/M6CQR (England)
    Name: .PAUL .DUNN
    Manager: M6CQR
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:17:57

    Added: 9W2UOA (West Malaysia)
    Name: GUO CHAN GAN
    Manager: 9W2CPN
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:31:56

    Added: IU0LER (Italy)
    Manager: IK0OTG
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:53:16

    Added: IU0LDE (Italy)
    Manager: IK0OTG
    Date: 2018-10-09 10:59:20

    Added: YC2RQN (Indonesia)
    Name: Bambang Purwanto
    Manager: YC1EJJ
    Date: 2018-10-09 11:41:23

    Added: SM0/F5IYJ (Sweden)
    Name: P. GIVET
    Manager: F5IYJ
    Date: 2018-10-09 11:51:31

    Added: HL3FAI (South Korea)
    Manager: HL3BAT
    Date: 2018-10-09 12:08:56

    Added: TM2EMC (France)
    Name: Special Activation Feast of Science
    Manager: F4BDG
    Date: 2018-10-09 12:20:40

    Added: MX0IOA (England)
    Name: [Isle Of] Avalon Amateur Radio Club
    Manager: G5FM
    Date: 2018-10-09 12:22:57

    Added: JH1HCG (Japan)
    Name: Toyohisa Ishikawa
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2018-10-09 12:40:53

    Added: SA0BSV/M (Sweden)
    Name: Willie Blom
    Manager: SA0BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 13:06:17

    Added: M6YIF (England)
    Name: Barry I Featherstone
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 13:55:08

    Added: E72BS (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Name: Stjepan Bozic
    Manager: OE2IKN
    Date: 2018-10-09 14:15:47

    Added: KK6ZM/7 (United States)
    Name: Patrick Briggs
    Manager: KK6ZM
    Date: 2018-10-09 14:35:24

    Added: LZ1VPB (Bulgaria)
    Name: Vladimir (Vlad) Ivanov
    Manager: LZ1NDV
    Date: 2018-10-09 15:00:09

    Added: EA7AJM (Spain)
    Name: Antonio Haro Ramirez
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 15:19:13

    Added: VK8LOL (Australia)
    Name: Ian Gunn
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 16:07:56

    Added: LB9QH/P (Norway)
    Name: Terje Roenning
    Manager: LB9QH
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:12:08

    Added: PA/M0YMA (Netherlands)
    Name: Andrew Banks
    Manager: M0YMA
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:12:40

    Added: LA7HKA (Norway)
    Name: Lars Eirik Nilssen
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:17:40

    Added: HB9FGX (Switzerland)
    Name: Lukas Ruppen
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:25:10

    Added: UT3UKC (Ukraine)
    Name: Oleksandr Gatsenko
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:27:24

    Added: EA1JBN (Spain)
    Name: Alejandro Burón Vega
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:31:04

    Added: IW6OOK (Italy)
    Name: Alfredo Fossi
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:33:32

    Added: IU3GVU (Italy)
    Name: Paolo Degetto
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:39:24

    Added: PT4B (Brazil)
    Manager: PY4BZ
    Date: 2018-10-09 17:51:24

    Added: SA0TEE (Sweden)
    Name: Fredrik SN Persson
    Manager: SM0PBJ
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:03:28

    Added: CD3FSE (Chile)
    Name: Francisco Saravia Stein
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:04:01

    Added: G8EYM (England)
    Name: Norman Kearey
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:09:23

    Added: 2E0NYP (England)
    Name: John Dyson
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:11:58

    Added: IU0LHD (Italy)
    Manager: IK0OTG
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:43:20

    Added: N1INI/P (United States)
    Manager: N1INI
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:43:41

    Added: IU0LEP (Italy)
    Manager: IK0OTG
    Date: 2018-10-09 18:54:18

    Added: S50VD (Slovenia)
    Name: Damjan Vrencur
    Manager: S59WT
    Date: 2018-10-09 19:11:05

    Added: SQ9MLH (Poland)
    Name: Oliwer Zych
    Manager: SQ9KFZ
    Date: 2018-10-09 19:37:07

    Added: VI3PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Institute of Australia VK3PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:08:49

    Added: VI4PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Institute of Australia VI4PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:15:20

    Added: HL06NWPF (South Korea)
    Name: SPECIAL EVENT ,2018.OCT,10~2018,OCT,20 KARL GUMI
    Manager: HL5BJU
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:18:57

    Added: VI5PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Institute of Australia VK5PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:19:49

    Added: GB0CHS (England)
    Name: Castle Hedingham Scouts
    Manager: M0NAS
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:24:56

    Added: VI8PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Institute of Australia VI8PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:25:19

    Added: MI6UGE ()
    Manager: 2I0WMN
    Date: 2018-10-09 21:48:34

    Added: PU2OZD (Brazil)
    Manager: PU2OZC
    Date: 2018-10-09 22:07:10

    Added: CL2RLA (Cuba)
    Name: Rainier Ledesma Acosta
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 22:53:46

    Added: VI9PEACE (Australia)
    Name: Wireless Insistute of Australia VI9PEACE
    Manager: VK3DAC
    Date: 2018-10-09 23:00:58

    Added: E79AMA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Name: Emin Šehi?
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 23:07:22

    Added: PD1JAZ (Netherlands)
    Name: Pat Voets
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-10-09 23:54:25

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