DX Updates for 2018-08-10 - 44 new

Discussion in 'Daily DX Log' started by QRZ, Aug 11, 2018 at 10:30 AM.

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  1. QRZ

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    New DX Callsign Report for 2018-08-10 - 44 additions

    Added: TI2RCG (Costa Rica)
    Name: Rodrigo Chaverri
    Manager: TI2VLM
    Date: 2018-08-10 00:38:27

    Added: G8LZI (England)
    Manager: W8YIH
    Date: 2018-08-10 02:48:46

    Added: VU2VOD ()
    Name: Pranav Sahi
    Manager: VU3NEJ
    Date: 2018-08-10 04:54:34

    Added: SQ6GPX/M (Poland)
    Name: ?ukasz B?k
    Manager: SQ6GPX
    Date: 2018-08-10 05:13:40

    Added: HG57FC ()
    Name: Tibor Kiss
    Manager: HA5BSW
    Date: 2018-08-10 05:29:21

    Added: SD6X (Germany)
    Name: Baldur Drobnica
    Manager: DJ1RP
    Date: 2018-08-10 06:26:20

    Added: DW1PRF/CNJ (Philippines)
    Name: Cesar Miranda Natividad Jr
    Manager: DW1PRF
    Date: 2018-08-10 06:29:41

    Added: IU1BFD (Italy)
    Name: Valpreda Francesco
    Manager: IZ1FKU
    Date: 2018-08-10 06:48:59

    Added: R8OAK (Russia)
    Name: Aleksey Vorontsov
    Manager: R9OCF
    Date: 2018-08-10 06:54:49

    Added: DL6AN/HA ()
    Manager: DL6AN
    Date: 2018-08-10 07:51:00

    Added: EA2EPW (Spain)
    Name: Jose Maria Quevedo Mate
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 07:57:05

    Added: F4HTY/P (France)
    Name: Gael Canal
    Manager: F4HTY
    Date: 2018-08-10 08:07:23

    Added: 6K2KHO (South Korea)
    Name: Kyuman Kim
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 08:45:38

    Added: YD1NQY (Indonesia)
    Name: Asep Yoga
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 08:54:03

    Added: IU1LCK (Italy)
    Name: Giuseppe Chiolerio
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 08:59:03

    Added: G3UPK (England)
    Name: Roger B Crofts
    Manager: VK4YB
    Date: 2018-08-10 11:07:40

    Added: M0ILI (England)
    Name: Barry Owen Neville
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 11:51:42

    Added: 4E1AGW (Philippines)
    Name: William C. Miras
    Manager: 4I1AGW
    Date: 2018-08-10 12:09:51

    Added: C4II ()
    Name: . .
    Manager: MM0NDX
    Date: 2018-08-10 12:32:37

    Added: HB9GWS (Switzerland)
    Name: Markus Stocker
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 12:53:21

    Added: MM0HRL/P (Scotland)
    Name: Ian Gourlay
    Manager: MM0HRL
    Date: 2018-08-10 12:56:03

    Added: PA0STU ()
    Name: Henk Stuivenberg
    Manager: ZS6CS
    Date: 2018-08-10 13:40:37

    Added: YD1EJP (Indonesia)
    Name: Riyadi Mister
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-08-10 14:14:18

    Added: DU0PO ()
    Manager: EA4ERF
    Date: 2018-08-10 15:46:46

    Added: M6JVF/QRP (England)
    Name: Bill Terry
    Manager: M6JVF
    Date: 2018-08-10 16:18:09

    Added: KK4EUN/VE3 (Canada)
    Name: Robert L Kivell
    Manager: KK4EUN
    Date: 2018-08-10 16:26:15

    Added: OH3MYP ()
    Name: Timo Heikkinen
    Manager: OH7XU
    Date: 2018-08-10 17:04:46

    Added: OH8MYP ()
    Name: Timo Heikkinen
    Manager: OH7XU
    Date: 2018-08-10 17:06:07

    Added: OH8GNL ()
    Name: Timo Heikkinen
    Manager: OH7XU
    Date: 2018-08-10 17:06:43

    Added: 9W2CKZ (West Malaysia)
    Manager: 9W2OPB
    Date: 2018-08-10 17:57:46

    Added: VA3XFD ()
    Name: Bruce
    Manager: VE3XFD
    Date: 2018-08-10 18:17:19

    Added: EM7EFF/P (Ukraine)
    Name: Special call of the National program Ukrainian Flora Fauna
    Manager: UR7EY
    Date: 2018-08-10 18:50:50

    Added: F4ICM ()
    Name: françois fb BOUCHER
    Manager: F4DKF
    Date: 2018-08-10 19:11:40

    Added: M0IQP (England)
    Name: Jaros?aw Pawlicki
    Manager: SQ3OS
    Date: 2018-08-10 19:14:17

    Added: ON6OBR (Belgium)
    Name: OBRA clubcall VRA
    Manager: ON3RAJ
    Date: 2018-08-10 19:16:08

    Added: TM8CVE (France)
    Name: F4DLO GERARD
    Manager: F4DLO
    Date: 2018-08-10 20:53:52

    Added: SP100KWN (Poland)
    Name: Polish Special Event Station - conference "Independence in Culture"
    Manager: SQ2BNM
    Date: 2018-08-10 21:29:08

    Added: F4FQZ/QRP (France)
    Name: James Garabello
    Manager: F4FQZ
    Date: 2018-08-10 21:39:59

    Added: G1KLF (England)
    Name: Jim
    Manager: GB7EB
    Date: 2018-08-10 21:57:32

    Added: J8NY (Canada)
    Name: Sandro Nitoi
    Manager: VE7QTC
    Date: 2018-08-10 21:57:39

    Added: JJ1MNB (Japan)
    Name: Yasuharu Haga
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2018-08-10 21:58:26

    Added: JA9LEE (Japan)
    Name: Toshiya Higashiya
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2018-08-10 22:01:46

    Added: JS2FMV (Japan)
    Name: Hideo Fukuyo
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2018-08-10 22:04:28

    Added: ER/IK1HGE (Moldova)
    Manager: IK1HGE
    Date: 2018-08-10 22:29:45

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