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DX Updates for 2018-06-01 - 56 new

Discussion in 'Daily DX Log' started by QRZ, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. QRZ

    QRZ QRZ Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    New DX Callsign Report for 2018-06-01 - 56 additions

    Added: HP18FWC (Panama)
    Name: CDXG Colon DX Group
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2018-06-01 00:10:51

    Added: YC2DUG ()
    Name: Suyanto Atmojo,SE Suyanto Atmojo
    Manager: YD2DUG
    Date: 2018-06-01 00:48:57

    Added: OH6PR (Finland)
    Name: Pohjanmaa CB and Hobbyradioclub
    Manager: OH6GZT
    Date: 2018-06-01 03:28:09

    Added: YD7UPL ()
    Name: ROSLAN .
    Manager: YB7UUI
    Date: 2018-06-01 05:59:13

    Added: LB3AI (Norway)
    Name: Odd Arne Fredriksen
    Manager: LA6UOA
    Date: 2018-06-01 08:01:47

    Added: VK4IDK (Australia)
    Name: Stephen Ridgway
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 08:03:55

    Added: PD1K (Netherlands)
    Name: Roy Koopmans
    Manager: PD0RK
    Date: 2018-06-01 08:11:55

    Added: OH7BFB (Finland)
    Name: Edo Pennings
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 08:46:09

    Added: SH18FWC (Sweden)
    Name: SSA c/o Eric SM6JSM
    Manager: SM6JSM
    Date: 2018-06-01 09:01:02

    Added: 7S18FWC (Sweden)
    Name: SSA - Swedish Ham Radio Association SM7 - District
    Manager: SM7HZK
    Date: 2018-06-01 09:01:03

    Added: BG5CQW (China)
    Name: Zehua He
    Manager: KG7OQW
    Date: 2018-06-01 09:12:03

    Added: IN3GHP/I3 (Italy)
    Name: Santo Gaeta
    Manager: IN3GHP
    Date: 2018-06-01 09:43:26

    Added: 9H3SV/P (Malta)
    Name: Thomas SV2CLJ Misirgis
    Manager: SV2CLJ
    Date: 2018-06-01 10:18:27

    Added: KX4ASH (United States)
    Name: Ashley M Gentry
    Manager: KN4LXB
    Date: 2018-06-01 11:19:54

    Added: KN4LXB (United States)
    Name: Ashley Gentry
    Manager: KN4LXB
    Date: 2018-06-01 11:25:35

    Added: IQ0YS (Italy)
    Manager: IU0CCE
    Date: 2018-06-01 12:01:46

    Added: DB5AW (Germany)
    Name: Andreas Wrba
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 12:23:24

    Added: YO3SOR (Romania)
    Name: Pop Sorin
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 12:33:24

    Added: BG1WZW (China)
    Name: Guo Ping
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 12:53:52

    Added: ZW29BAUER (Brazil)
    Name: Especial Callsign - 29° Bauernfest Festival Honor Of The German Immigrants
    Manager: PY1ZV
    Date: 2018-06-01 13:08:04

    Added: ZW29BAUER (Brazil)
    Name: Especial Callsign - 29° Bauernfest Festival Honor Of The German Immigrants
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 13:24:53

    Added: IN3GHP/P (Italy)
    Name: Santo Gaeta
    Manager: IN3GHP
    Date: 2018-06-01 13:52:41

    Added: PU2WWV (Brazil)
    Name: Anderson Teodoro Da Cunha
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 14:29:29

    Added: SU18FWC (Spain)
    Name: orgaz diaz gori
    Manager: EA5EBT
    Date: 2018-06-01 14:31:31

    Added: N1BNC/PY4 (United States)
    Manager: N1BNC
    Date: 2018-06-01 14:48:54

    Added: M0KPE (England)
    Name: Frank Keane
    Manager: M0KPE
    Date: 2018-06-01 14:52:27

    Added: 4I9AN (Philippines)
    Name: Norman D. Aspilla
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 14:59:56

    Added: PA1IX (Netherlands)
    Name: A. Berghorst
    Manager: PA1LX
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:01:44

    Added: IU3KPJ (Italy)
    Name: Paolo Carrer
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:02:39

    Added: F4HYA/P (France)
    Name: Bruno Legallais
    Manager: F4HYA
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:14:11

    Added: 4A24DX (Mexico)
    Manager: XE2AA
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:25:34

    Added: ES0WL (Estonia)
    Name: Erik Indrik
    Manager: ES0WL
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:36:56

    Added: 9Y4FIFA (Trinidad and Tobago)
    Name: FIFA WorldCup 2018 Special Call Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio Society
    Manager: 9Z4Y
    Date: 2018-06-01 15:43:06

    Added: CN18FWC (Morocco)
    Name: FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 Special call Morocco
    Manager: CN8CE
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:06:57

    Added: YD7UXY (Indonesia)
    Name: Suramto Suramto
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:23:21

    Added: EA7KDZ (Spain)
    Name: Diego Luis Diaz Perez
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:28:29

    Added: YD7YFP (Indonesia)
    Name: Yunus Priyanto
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:37:10

    Added: AN5TOR (Spain)
    Name: 5 Aniversario Fundacion Tortugas CW
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:46:18

    Added: EA1JAY (Spain)
    Name: Mario Lerma Martínez
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 16:49:33

    Added: DL4M (Germany)
    Name: Club / Constest Station DOK N13 DARC OV Münster
    Manager: DM2RH
    Date: 2018-06-01 17:44:47

    Added: CR2018FWC (Azores)
    Name: Uniao de Radioamadores dos Açores - U.R.A.
    Manager: DM4YY
    Date: 2018-06-01 17:59:23

    Added: MI6PKE/2I0PK ()
    Manager: 2I0PKO
    Date: 2018-06-01 18:02:26

    Added: MI6PKE/210PK ()
    Manager: 2I0PKO
    Date: 2018-06-01 18:03:04

    Added: MI6PKE/2I0PK ()
    Manager: 2I0PKO
    Date: 2018-06-01 18:03:43

    Added: PD3AP (Netherlands)
    Name: Anne Postma
    Manager: PD0ATE
    Date: 2018-06-01 18:30:09

    Added: 7Z18FWC (Saudi Arabia)
    Manager: 7Z1IS
    Date: 2018-06-01 19:03:24

    Added: IR4Y (Italy)
    Manager: IZ4DLR
    Date: 2018-06-01 19:46:44

    Added: OE3JOP (Austria)
    Name: Johannes Puschmann
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 21:01:57

    Added: IU3KJA (Italy)
    Name: Andrea Dalla Tor
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 21:10:25

    Added: EA/DM7RO (Afghanistan)
    Name: Malte Roewekamp
    Manager: DM7RO
    Date: 2018-06-01 21:15:35

    Added: IU8KRS (Italy)
    Name: Alessandro Farese
    Manager: EB1BSV
    Date: 2018-06-01 21:25:59

    Added: IV3/HB9CAT (Italy)
    Manager: HB9CAT
    Date: 2018-06-01 21:44:58

    Added: V21DJ/V218FI ()
    Manager: V21DJ
    Date: 2018-06-01 22:39:57

    Added: DL1RV (Germany)
    Name: Gerhard Hartinger
    Manager: DO1GHW
    Date: 2018-06-01 22:46:22

    Added: W8/E72AW (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Name: Sadmir Avdic
    Manager: E72AW
    Date: 2018-06-01 23:16:36

    Added: W8/E72AW (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Name: Sadmir Avdic
    Manager: E72AW
    Date: 2018-06-01 23:20:41

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