DX Updates for 2011-04-30

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  1. QRZ

    QRZ Guest

    <b>New DX Callsign Report for 2011-04-30 - 117 additions</b>
    <pre> Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4KHG'>GR4KHG</a> (England)
    Name: Edward Scholes
    Manager: G4KHG
    Date: 2011-04-29 00:00:08

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0MOD'>MR0MOD</a> (England)
    Name: Thomas Thompson
    Manager: MI3MOT
    Date: 2011-04-29 00:07:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0TZO'>MR0TZO</a> (England)
    Name: Paul Gibson
    Manager: M0TZO
    Date: 2011-04-29 00:25:13

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0OSH'>MR0OSH</a> (England)
    Name: Wojtek Rogalski
    Manager: M0OSH
    Date: 2011-04-29 00:41:56

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/PS7RF'>PS7RF</a> (Brazil)
    Name: Roniele da C. Campos
    Manager: PU2RKP
    Date: 2011-04-29 01:51:48

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/PT2RBL'>PT2RBL</a> (Brazil)
    Name: Ronaldo Batista de Melo
    Manager: PY3JDV
    Date: 2011-04-29 02:17:53

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0WED'>GR0WED</a> (Scotland)
    Name: Edmund Holt
    Manager: GM0WED
    Date: 2011-04-29 04:13:47

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/OE2XBB'>OE2XBB</a> (Austria)
    Name: Relay Station
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 04:53:49

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2E0DFK'>2E0DFK</a> (England)
    Name: Derek J. Foreman
    Manager: M6DJF
    Date: 2011-04-29 05:04:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6PAA'>GR6PAA</a> (England)
    Name: Jim Brownsett
    Manager: G6PAA
    Date: 2011-04-29 05:23:26

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6PAA'>GR6PAA</a> (England)
    Name: Jim Brownsett
    Manager: G6PAA
    Date: 2011-04-29 05:23:26

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6BDV'>GR6BDV</a> (England)
    Name: Rob Stratford
    Manager: G6BDV
    Date: 2011-04-29 05:29:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0XPD'>MR0XPD</a> (England)
    Name: Paul Darlington
    Manager: M0XPD
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:08:48

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/OM1XL'>OM1XL</a> (Slovak Republic)
    Name: Christian Abeille
    Manager: F6FXL
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:19:48

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/UT0EW'>UT0EW</a> (Ukraine)
    Name: Osypa Vlad S.
    Manager: UV5ELZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:31:55

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/RA1NAA'>RA1NAA</a> (Russia)
    Name: Miroslav Belanov
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:35:09

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0TYG'>2R0TYG</a> (Wales)
    Name: Carl A Morris
    Manager: 2W0TYG
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:44:22

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/8J1VLP'>8J1VLP</a> (Japan)
    Name: Special Event Station for QRP Day in Kantou Area of Japan (JA1(JD1)
    Manager: JF6LIU
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:48:26

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0RDU'>2R0RDU</a> (England)
    Name: john crosby
    Manager: GW6XXY
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:52:41

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4SOF'>GR4SOF</a> (England)
    Name: Jeffrey John Blight
    Manager: G4SOF
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:55:52

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR8LUV'>GR8LUV</a> (England)
    Name: Graham Fairbrass
    Manager: G8LUV
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:56:19

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/SQ8SET'>SQ8SET</a> (Poland)
    Manager: KD4OVM
    Date: 2011-04-29 06:59:40

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/IZ8UZF'>IZ8UZF</a> (Italy)
    Name: giuseppe autuori
    Manager: KD4OVM
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:04:23

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0ENW'>2R0ENW</a> (England)
    Name: Edwin N. Wilson
    Manager: M3WYY
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:11:12

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/HF45BRP'>HF45BRP</a> (Poland)
    Name: 45 Years onThe Air, op. Jan SP9BRP
    Manager: SP9BRP
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:30:03

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4FSU'>GR4FSU</a> (England)
    Name: Ian Greenshields
    Manager: G4FSU
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:37:07

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR7EMD'>GR7EMD</a> (England)
    Name: arthur e roberts
    Manager: G7EMD
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:53:20

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0IDX'>MR0IDX</a> (Wales)
    Name: Roger Dallimore
    Manager: MW0IDX
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:54:50

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0JEK'>MR0JEK</a> (England)
    Name: Andre Skarzynski
    Manager: M0JEK
    Date: 2011-04-29 07:55:39

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4JGH'>GR4JGH</a> (England)
    Name: Adrian Allchin
    Manager: G4JGH
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:07:19

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR8IQC'>GR8IQC</a> (England)
    Name: JOHN WHITE
    Manager: GW8IQC
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:19:00

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4DJX'>GR4DJX</a> (England)
    Name: Alan Gray
    Manager: G4DJX
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:29:47

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR7TUD'>GR7TUD</a> (Scotland)
    Name: Jim Pedley
    Manager: GM7TUD
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:29:49

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0TDY'>GR0TDY</a> (England)
    Name: Andy Frank
    Manager: G0TDY
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:31:14

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4OTV'>GR4OTV</a> (England)
    Name: Dave Green
    Manager: G4OTV
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:41:42

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/ZL1OA'>ZL1OA</a> (New Zealand)
    Name: Richard Steegstra
    Manager: VK2VP
    Date: 2011-04-29 08:46:14

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0JJG'>GR0JJG</a> (England)
    Name: Joe Butt
    Manager: G0JJG
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:01:25

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0TMW'>MR0TMW</a> (Northern Ireland)
    Name: merv mi0tmw
    Manager: MI0TMW
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:02:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DL0LAY'>DL0LAY</a> (Germany)
    Name: Hans Otto Antrup
    Manager: DL1PO
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:04:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4OWG'>GR4OWG</a> (England)
    Name: Roger S Leighton
    Manager: G4OWG
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:07:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0CEF'>MR0CEF</a> (England)
    Name: Jan-Martin Hertzsch
    Manager: DL2LFH
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:24:40

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0FWU'>GR0FWU</a> (England)
    Name: Phil Moreau
    Manager: G0FWU
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:34:57

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0YCQ'>MR0YCQ</a> (England)
    Name: Stephen Burgess
    Manager: M0YCQ
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:47:29

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6TMM'>GR6TMM</a> (Jersey)
    Name: Keith S Boleat
    Manager: GJ6TMM
    Date: 2011-04-29 09:51:02

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/JH1EIG'>JH1EIG</a> (Japan)
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:01:32

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DB0XT'>DB0XT</a> (Germany)
    Name: Relais Station
    Manager: DF4EH
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:09:38

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0AOV'>MR0AOV</a> (England)
    Name: Robert Powell
    Manager: M0AOV
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:27:30

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR3AGW'>GR3AGW</a> (England)
    Name: Steve Edwards G3AGW
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:30:50

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/JR2PAP'>JR2PAP</a> (Japan)
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:44:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/VK6KAA'>VK6KAA</a> (Australia)
    Name: Robert J Wallace
    Manager: VK6HRW
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:47:34

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR7SQW'>GR7SQW</a> (England)
    Name: Andy Woods
    Manager: G7SQW
    Date: 2011-04-29 10:51:01

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0BRR'>2R0BRR</a> (Wales)
    Name: Steven T Trahearn
    Manager: 2W0BRR
    Date: 2011-04-29 11:04:09

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/M0YFT'>M0YFT</a> (England)
    Name: Tony M Murdoch
    Manager: M3EUZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 11:13:54

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/EA3GVL'>EA3GVL</a> (Catalunya)
    Manager: EA3GXZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 11:31:16

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0WAG'>MR0WAG</a> (England)
    Name: Oliver Prin
    Manager: M3WPI
    Date: 2011-04-29 11:37:08

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4KQU'>GR4KQU</a> (Northern Ireland)
    Name: Peter Homer
    Manager: G4KQU
    Date: 2011-04-29 12:07:59

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/YO9CWZ'>YO9CWZ</a> (Romania)
    Manager: YO9GSB
    Date: 2011-04-29 12:14:29

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/ZW6PTT'>ZW6PTT</a> (Brazil)
    Manager: PP6PP
    Date: 2011-04-29 12:34:15

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/BD4QX'>BD4QX</a> (China)
    Name: Xiaoming Xu
    Manager: JA6XZS
    Date: 2011-04-29 12:45:34

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/IZ8TAT'>IZ8TAT</a> (Italy)
    Name: Nicola Caiafa
    Manager: IZ8STI
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:00:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR6AMO'>MR6AMO</a> (England)
    Name: Allan Fleming - M6AMO
    Manager: UA6JD
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:01:09

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR1EUW'>GR1EUW</a> (England)
    Manager: G1EUW
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:13:24

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0SGQ'>MR0SGQ</a> (Scotland)
    Name: Steve G
    Manager: MM0SGQ
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:13:37

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6ENY'>GR6ENY</a> (England)
    Name: Noel T Graham
    Manager: G6ENY
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:19:15

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0AQZ'>MR0AQZ</a> (Wales)
    Name: Wyn Griffiths
    Manager: MW0AQZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:24:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4LMW'>GR4LMW</a> (England)
    Name: Rob Thomson
    Manager: G4LMW
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:34:32

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR4VII'>GR4VII</a> (England)
    Name: John L Lawrence
    Manager: G4VII
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:39:16

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/IZ2USP'>IZ2USP</a> (Italy)
    Name: Nicola Frandoli
    Manager: IZ2UST
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:40:47

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR5AEX'>MR5AEX</a> (England)
    Name: Dr Andrew P Thomas
    Manager: G8GNI
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:50:46

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0CSN'>MR0CSN</a> (England)
    Name: John Dodd
    Manager: M0CSN
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:53:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/SW8KOC'>SW8KOC</a> (Greece)
    Manager: SW8KOA
    Date: 2011-04-29 13:58:55

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0GFQ'>GR0GFQ</a> (England)
    Name: Keith Martin
    Manager: G0GFQ
    Date: 2011-04-29 14:09:25

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/IZ1SST'>IZ1SST</a> (Italy)
    Name: Emanuele Girani
    Manager: IK1DLW
    Date: 2011-04-29 14:31:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/BH8ANH'>BH8ANH</a> (China)
    Name: qing cai wang
    Manager: BG8GAM
    Date: 2011-04-29 14:32:14

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/BH8ANH'>BH8ANH</a> (China)
    Name: qing cai wang
    Manager: BG8GAM
    Date: 2011-04-29 14:33:11

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/F4KIN'>F4KIN</a> (France)
    Name: Radio Club de VILLEROY French Contest Radio Club"
    Manager: F5ASD
    Date: 2011-04-29 15:10:23

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/HB9EYE'>HB9EYE</a> (Switzerland)
    Name: Christoph Amstein
    Manager: HB3YVV
    Date: 2011-04-29 15:18:58

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DC8AL'>DC8AL</a> (Germany)
    Name: Axel Lindemann
    Manager: DC5WW
    Date: 2011-04-29 15:34:36

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0MEJ'>GR0MEJ</a> (England)
    Name: Laird Nigel P Lawrence
    Manager: G0MEJ
    Date: 2011-04-29 15:34:55

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0DES'>2R0DES</a> (Scotland)
    Manager: MM3XUI
    Date: 2011-04-29 15:46:26

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR3PJT'>GR3PJT</a> (England)
    Name: Bob Whelan
    Manager: G3PJT
    Date: 2011-04-29 16:32:06

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/LZ2011KM'>LZ2011KM</a> (Bulgaria)
    Name: Special Call Sign of HQ of BFRA
    Manager: LZ1BJ
    Date: 2011-04-29 16:32:58

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR3VOU'>GR3VOU</a> (England)
    Name: Jim Barlow
    Manager: G3VOU
    Date: 2011-04-29 16:38:14

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR6GUZ'>MR6GUZ</a> (England)
    Name: Andy Burridge
    Manager: M6GUZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 16:45:58

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/EA5ATE'>EA5ATE</a> (Spain)
    Manager: EA5DK
    Date: 2011-04-29 17:05:35

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6WRW'>GR6WRW</a> (England)
    Name: Carolyn Williamson
    Manager: G6WRW
    Date: 2011-04-29 17:26:24

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0NYC'>2R0NYC</a> (England)
    Name: Stuart Vizor
    Manager: M6STU
    Date: 2011-04-29 17:30:29

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/TC7ZLH'>TC7ZLH</a> (Turkey)
    Name: Espiye Camburnu (Zefre) Feneri /Lighthouse EBLOTA Award Station (TUR-068)
    Manager: TA1HZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:01:58

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0ONZ'>MR0ONZ</a> (England)
    Name: Andrew Cross
    Manager: M0ONZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:07:46

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DJ3TT'>DJ3TT</a> (Germany)
    Name: Helmut Fink
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:18:33

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DL1RWS'>DL1RWS</a> (Germany)
    Name: Wolfgang Saeuberlich
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:20:13

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DL6UCK'>DL6UCK</a> (Germany)
    Name: Hartmut Gropper
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:21:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DL4DBH'>DL4DBH</a> (Germany)
    Name: Guenter Borufka
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:30:19

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/DO2DOK'>DO2DOK</a> (Germany)
    Name: Juergen Specovius
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:31:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/9A3DDG'>9A3DDG</a> (Croatia)
    Name: data soon
    Manager: DK8NC
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:35:29

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/C6ABR'>C6ABR</a> (Finland)
    Name: Jukka Heikinheimo
    Manager: OH2BR
    Date: 2011-04-29 18:53:02

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/PU8YBS'>PU8YBS</a> (Brazil)
    Manager: PU8WWW
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:05:17

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/9G5LL'>9G5LL</a> (Netherlands)
    Name: lisa Leenders
    Manager: PA2J
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:05:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/9G5LM'>9G5LM</a> (Netherlands)
    Name: Kees Leenders
    Manager: PA2J
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:07:16

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR3YYD'>GR3YYD</a> (England)
    Name: David David Wicks
    Manager: G3YYD
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:14:22

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0JWJ'>2R0JWJ</a> (England)
    Name: Dennis Shields
    Manager: 2E0JWJ
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:23:38

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR6KBC'>GR6KBC</a> (England)
    Name: Chris Philpot
    Manager: G6KBC
    Date: 2011-04-29 19:29:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/BD2AIE'>BD2AIE</a> (China)
    Name: ZHANG Hai-Tao
    Manager: BG2AIE
    Date: 2011-04-29 20:04:56

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0TEC'>2R0TEC</a> (England)
    Name: Carl Ratcliffe
    Manager: 2E0TEC
    Date: 2011-04-29 20:09:24

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/SV6KRT'>SV6KRT</a> (Greece)
    Name: Johny Tsoulias
    Manager: SV5KKD
    Date: 2011-04-29 20:10:50

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/EA7JFL'>EA7JFL</a> (Spain)
    Name: Javier Sanz
    Manager: EA7IWZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 20:45:08

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/3G3A'>3G3A</a> (Chile)
    Name: Danilo Lara
    Manager: XQ4CW
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:18:16

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/CA3A'>CA3A</a> (Chile)
    Name: Danilo Lara
    Manager: XQ4CW
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:19:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/3G4A'>3G4A</a> (Chile)
    Name: Danilo Lara
    Manager: XQ4CW
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:20:28

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/CA4W'>CA4W</a> (Chile)
    Name: Danilo Lara
    Manager: XQ4CW
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:21:45

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0MSX'>MR0MSX</a> (England)
    Name: mick smith
    Manager: M0MSX
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:39:46

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0MCV'>MR0MCV</a> (England)
    Name: Bob Treacher
    Manager: M3CVN
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:39:59

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR0JLX'>GR0JLX</a> (England)
    Name: A Digby
    Manager: G0JLX
    Date: 2011-04-29 21:53:21

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/MR0ORR'>MR0ORR</a> (England)
    Name: Cyril Hale
    Manager: M0ORR
    Date: 2011-04-29 22:01:40

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/2R0TGS'>2R0TGS</a> (England)
    Name: Tony
    Manager: 2E0TGS
    Date: 2011-04-29 22:08:55

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GB4HMD'>GB4HMD</a> (Wales)
    Name: Wyn Griffiths
    Manager: MW0AQZ
    Date: 2011-04-29 22:27:59

    Added: <a href='http://www.qrz.com/db/GR8JYV'>GR8JYV</a> (England)
    Name: Ken Dumbill
    Manager: G8JYV
    Date: 2011-04-29 22:59:35

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