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Dumbest ham of the month

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by XV2PS, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. XV2PS

    XV2PS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Last week, was a ham in Asia calling ssb:

    "cq cq cq, this is #### calling cq, beaming the long path and standing by". Never said where he was beaming, but just kept saying beaming the long path.

  2. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pierre, I think the fellow who didn't know where to connect the coax to the dipole would make your man 2nd place. At least your guy got on the air !!!!   73,   ORV
  3. KG4CGC

    KG4CGC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got one. About five years ago a guy I knew briefly, got his no-code ticket and got a Radio Shack 2m HT.
    A couple of days later he took it back to the store and asked, "Where's the shortwave?". He was talking about the HT. This guy took and passed the test. What did he miss? Did he just guess at the answers and happen to get lucky?
      Takes all kinds.................I guess.
  4. N5VGX

    N5VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I cannot wait until I can be all knowing and godlike like you. To even think about starting a thread about the "dumbest ham of the month" must make you feel good about yourselves. Where did you learn what you know? From someone else who took the time to teach you and was patient when you had too many "dumb" questions. Maybe this is why people are not joining the ranks because they are afraid of asking "dumb" questions and being ridiculed and made to feel stupid by "superior and godlike hams" such as yourselves.

    I think it is about time we got to the basics, stop of the all Code/No Code BS, all the ridiculing of other hams and go back to what we should be doing, helping each other out.
  5. XV2PS

    XV2PS Ham Member QRZ Page

    VGX, let some fun be.

    Where you are completely wrong, is when you say I am "all knowing and godlike ham". I consider myself as quite dumb in amateur radio. I quite laugh from it too if you saw my posts.

    I also understand your point.

    But let me turn this also slightly a bit more serious. Drivers are supposed to have been through driving tests. Same for ham right?
    So, we should always expect a minimum from somebody driving a car or using a kind of radio for which he has been through tests right? If somebody who only drives a bicycle asks about priority on the road, it will be my pleasure to explain him. When now somebody drives a car and does not know basic rules, I never omit reminding it in a different (less nice) manner.

    So, what should we do now? Take all serious?
  6. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pierre, I think your post struck some ones tender heart string....HIHI [​IMG]

    Could it be he is worried he may be the featured Guest next month......... [​IMG]
    73,   ORV
  7. N5VGX

    N5VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Easy...become an Elmer. Answering questions here ( seems easy enough, but to actually help a Ham with 'hands on' is better off.
    As you can see I read more than I post, and I'm just a little tired of all the bickering among ourselves. I read post on how one Ham criticize another about how he spells words. Come on, thats small stuff. This isnt English class, its all about radio and promoting what we love to do.
    I dont know enough about Ham radio to be an Elmer, but what little I do i like to pass on.
  8. XV2PS

    XV2PS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, Orv, I must say VGX is also saying a truth (not the absolute truth, but a truth anyway). I really did not intended making it a serious, cynical or aggressive post.

    Everybody will agree that I am also quite laughing at my dumbness.

    But anyway, let us have fun as long it does not harm (I did not have the feeling being harmful).
  9. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pierre, I don't think you have any thing to apologize for, the topic was started about funny stories and as long as no one individual is named no one should take offense. This gentleman just seems to have thin skin but as he gets older he will toughen up. We all start at the bottom and the choice is up to the individual how long they stay on the bottom. We all made mistakes, that is part of the learning process.When we look back and laugh at past mistakes it serves as a reminder to not make it again.They do say though, that one of the secrets of success,is not letting anyone know of your mistakes.....HIHI                     73,   ORV [​IMG]
  10. W8IDB

    W8IDB Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Nurture an appetite for being puzzled, for being confused, indeed for being openly stupid, and that - despite what you may think - is very difficult...We all know the cliche' that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. It is also true that a lot of knowledge can be a dangerous thing as well...use your ignorance as well as your knowledge for creative means."

    Lee Bollinger, former University of Michigan President
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