Dstar via DVAP or DV Dongle?

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W1EED, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. W1EED

    W1EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey everyone,
    I am trying to figure out whether to go DVAP or DV Dongle for dstar on my mac. I like the DVAP as it will make a guaranteed accesspoint accessible by my 91ad. I also like the theory behind the DV Dongle also to be able to use the mac to get on dstar but will lose my ht connectivity to the device. I live in an area with LOTS of active dstar repeaters however my ability to connect to them via 2m/440mhz is limited due to my location. Its hard to hit these repeaters from home. Not sure what is surrounding me, but to consistently get into them, requires me to step outside. Now in the warmer weather that is ok, i could go on the deck, but its freezing outside and to be able to connect from the warmth of the house would be GREAT! Anyone have opinions on one or the other? Would love to hear everyones thoughts.
  2. NC9Z

    NC9Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    The thing I like about the DVAP is that it makes the system much more "radio" and less "software". Getting on and operating the DVAP is also going to be analogous to operating on a C module repeater. Also from reading the eHam reviews it seems as though if you were to attach this to an external antenna on your roof that you may actually even be able to bridge the gap and fill in the dead zone around your house that keeps your 91 from making it into the local repeaters.

    From what I've read it sounds like the Dongle really leaves you tethered to your computer, so while you don't need a DSTAR radio to enjoy DSTAR it is more limiting in your mobility.
  3. W1EED

    W1EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    those were my thoughts. I like the dongle, but feel I would benefit more from the DVAP. My only question is, and I cannot find the answer anywhere, can the dvap also be used through the computer mic just like the dongle? I would like to have both options without having to purchase both devices. They are rather expensive and having one that does both would be great. I do know I can create a hotspot using the NI2O NQSMHS, but if I were to go on vacation, I wouldnt be able to bring that along with me as it requires a radio with a modem board in it and a decent antenna. Just alot to bring along.
  4. KE5MC

    KE5MC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If stepping outside gets you into the repeaters then maybe a better antenna is a more cost effective means. Something as simple as a J-Pole hung in the corner of the room might be effective. Something that could be easily built just to see if it works.

  5. KC2ESD

    KC2ESD Ham Member QRZ Page


    I am getting the DVAP soon. I like the idea that I don't have to be by the computer to use a d-star reflector. With the Dongle you are tethered to the computer, with DVAP you are free to go around your house inside and out and even walk about a football field away and enjoy D-Star. Put the DVAP on a outdoor antenna and you have your self a Mini Me D-Star repeater. I'm getting it now since my friend sold his D-Star repeater for lack of use. In the last 2 months only the owner, one other ham and me were the only ones using it. The owner recommended I get a DVAP when he sold the repeater and that I will enjoy it. With the DVAP I will be able to go to any reflector I want to without hogging a repeater. DVAP is the way to go. Also it's good for travel.

    Rick KC2ESD
  6. W1EED

    W1EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    Stepping outside just barely gets me into the repeater. I do have a diamond dualband up about 30ft, and connecting the ht to that barely gets me in. What I meant by stepping outside is when I have the HT with me I can barely get in. So it would be both the ht and base that struggle to hit the repeaters. Hence the reason I am trying to figure out this accesspoint deal. I spend alot of time on HF (more than I should), but would love to have dstar running flawlessly while in the shack. But, I will try to build a jpole just for a project. Thanks for the input. Appreciate anything anyone would like to throw in here.
  7. W1EED

    W1EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rick, does the DVAP also allow you to use the computer built in mic or another external mic for that matter to work the gateway or are you limited to access through a dstar rig?
  8. KE5MC

    KE5MC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    DVAP is the way to go. I don't realize you had a better antenna than what is on the HT.

  9. W1EED

    W1EED Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yea. The more an more research I do makes me lean more towards the dvap. I like the ability to access via my ht and if I am sitting on the deck on a nice day I wont have to have the Mac with me. The thing I'm Still trying to figure out is if the dvap also works the same as the dongle as far as being able to use the built in computer mic to talk also.
  10. KC2ESD

    KC2ESD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good question. I wonder if I can use the DVAP as a dongle too. I'll check and get back when I have an answer.

    Rick KC2ESD
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