Drumlins Hamfest, Palmyra, NY 4-18-2015

Discussion in 'Hamfest Reports' started by KC2PMM, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. KC2PMM

    KC2PMM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    KC2PMM, Guy, here. This event was well attended. Seemed to me there were about 500 - 600 people there off and on throughout the day. I drove in from Lockport, NY, to be there when the gates opened and got there just about at the right time for me. I was "tailgating" so for the $5 bucks to get in and the $3 bucks to tailgate the admission fees were OK. The indoor hall was very clean, well lighted, and the restroom was clean!
    R.W.Antennas was there all set up along one wall and the opposite wall was KJI Electronics. It looked as if they both were doing a brisk business all day. Every time I went in to use the restroom, there were people 2-3 deep at both ends! The other indoor vendors just sort of filled up the space between the two "anchor" vendors. Quicksilver was supposed to be there also but I heard they changed their mind at the last minute.
    Outside, we tailgaters were all set up around an open on three side pavilion and then in two rows of car/trucks.
    The weather was beautiful, nice and warm and sunny the whole day, but with a slight breeze developing near the end of the event. I think I packed up and left about noon, as the crowd was getting pretty thin by then, and it's a two hour drive back to Lockport.
    Sadly, I only sold $7 worth of "stuff" so did not even cover my entrance fees this time. Next Hamfest - after Dayton, of course! - is Rochester (RARA) June 6th, at Barnard's Firemen's Field in Greece, NY, 360 Maiden Lane. I will be there also!
    Just look for the guy trying to sell 10 and 20 meg Bernoulli disks salvaged from my Dad's engineering firm.
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  2. W2TXB

    W2TXB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your description from two years ago closely resembles today's Drumlins Hamfest at the Palmyra VFW. I had not been able to attend that hamfest since it moved from the Marbletown Fire Hall, but this location is a great place for a hamfest (or other similar event). Granted the weather was cooler and damp, but there was a reasonably good-sized crowd and there was a fair amount of stuff for sale. I noticed a lot of folks buying things, and the lone new equipment dealer (RW) appeared quite busy.

    We drove a round trip of three hours for this one and will likely return next year. :)
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