Drats! Bad modulation transformer BW-5100

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by W1BR, Jun 9, 2020.

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  1. W1BR

    W1BR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, using a HP audio generator and Tek 2465B to monitor the waveform, but the problem was self inflicted. High resistance contact on a RCA connector that was for the arm of the mic gain pot. Not sure if it was a seating problem, or poor center conductor soldering; but replaced the fitting and it works fine now.
  2. W2WDX

    W2WDX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was going to say check all the connections. The 5100 and "B" are great to work on because of the modular design, but the downside is all the connections, especially now that they are so old. Go over all the module connectors with a little bit of 100% DeOxit (not the spray) and everything will work reliably, probably for your lifetime.

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