Download New FLDIGI 4.0.16 today - Problems- need fix.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by W8LM, May 24, 2018.

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  1. W8LM

    W8LM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have not used FLDIGI in months had version 3.x.xx and downloaded 4.0.16 on my Winddoze 7 ultimate 64 bit Octal core machine. last night. I have the latest last Free version of HAM RADIO DELUXE (HRD) and I can control my rig, a ICOM 756proII with a SignalLink USB.. When I go to FLDIGI.. I cannot control my rig frequency or mode (CW-USB-LSB) or S-meter but can control PTT. Checked Baud rate, COM port and other paramaters are identical as HRD on FLDIGI. I can load one and exit the other and gain or loose rig control.

    I downloaded ICOM IC-756PRO2.xml configuration file from FLDIGI web site and pointed the rigCAT configuration to the file on my hard drive. Followed instructions and on line help. Pulled an all nighter..

    I have noted 2 issues:
    #1. The FLDIGI banner across the top left of the screen displays --"fldigi ver4.0.17.65 / RigCAT- IC756proIII - W8LM"
    I have double checked I downloaded 756proII file and it's displaying 756proIII.. SAY WHAT???

    #2. Exiting the program and restarting, I have to go to Configuration, Rig, RigCAT, check button -Use RigCat, Initialize, Save and Close each time in order for the rig to re-appear in the top left of the screen. MY CONFIGURATION DOES NOT SAVE!!! I tried Hamlib- same issue with rig control and saving configuration do not work.

    I know it's not my hardware, the only difference is the new download of FLDIGI and IC-756PRO2.xml. I attempted to contact the author, as at least the one bug may just be a typo perhaps. No contact information was readily available. I believe I had it working 3-6 months ago on FLDIGI 3.x.xx.. I keep going back to HRD as I want to play radio not screw with configurations all night...

    Anyone else having these problems?? I recall this version was released this it's new...

    Larry W8LM
    Mulvane, Kansas
  2. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The code says "RigCAT- IC756proIII" Not sure why, But the title should not mater.

    Just because you exit HRD may not mean that it releases control for FLDIGI, You may want to try a reboot. Just for grins :D

    Have Fun.
  3. W8LM

    W8LM Ham Member QRZ Page

    No -I had rebooted numerous times-always same NO JOY..... SOLVED- However! I did find I have cat control by using Hamlib instead of RigCAT.. Rig cat is the 1st method used in the documentation, and I had followed the instructions flawlessly. No where did it say, there was 2 options or if option 1 doesn't work go to option2. When reading ONLINE help, you only see 1 screen at a time. RigCAT was documented 1st.

    Hamlib - the give away was it has a Yaesu radio listed and when I clicked on the radio, a scroll box came down that listed quite a number of radios. I selected ICOM756proII (alpha), Initialized, Saved and Closed. Exited FLDIGI back to Desktop and restarted FLDIGI.. My configuration returned, not like when I was using the documented RigCAT...
    Now my fldigi banner at the top of my working screen says: "fldigi ver / Hamlib IC-756PROII - W8LM" and the rig IS named correctly!!!

    Now I returned to RigCAT and it PUKES... So something is wrong with RigCAT or the IC756PRO2.xml file I downloaded from FLDIGI heaven.

    Closing call, problem resolved - Trouble shooting time 5 hours(after hours) +1 business hour. Tech support or documentation help fees to solve $0.. Standard fees: $125 per hour. 5 hours 1.5 rate, 1 hour normal rate, 0 hours weekends, 0 hours holiday, travel, 0 miles/$0, Expenses $0 = total $1062.50 ...
    Customer Site is working- workaround solution implemented.

    Last night I loaded and implemented WSJT-X and configured it to my ICOM on the same computer in seconds NO PROBLEMO... I can only conclude FLDIGI/ RigCat /ICOM756proII.xml has a problem.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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