Do you mind if a low-level CW op can only make contact/report?

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by KE0EYJ, Jul 4, 2021.

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  1. KE0EYJ

    KE0EYJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do you mind if a CW op is so low level that they can only give you a signal report, say TU, and that is it?

    I would say "beginner" but I'm not a beginner, and just have opportunity to plink around with CW from time to time. I stopped because after almost 9 months of practice at 15 mins or so a day, I wasn't happy with my progress (and I have too many other things going on to continue it). I do like listening to stations and finding where they are from. But should I be on air transmitting if a signal report is all that I can do, or will this just bother people?

    I have tried this before, but some want to say more than that, and I quickly become lost, and end the conversation (unless I use FLDIGI and cheat).

    I have considered picking up a QRP pocket rig to try from the mountains near home.
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  2. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The "signal report and TU" stuff may be contesters or "SKCC" ops who seemingly are not interested in actual conversation, but just a new number.

    For me, that's sad.

    I like CW ragchews, and some go on for a very long time (30-60 mins, occasionally longer if condx permit).

    I never answer anyone calling "CQ SKCC" specifically because of this.
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  3. WA9FZB

    WA9FZB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Steve - I think the OP is asking if we would mind if he made QSO with one of us and only could stay around for a quick signal report and TU. He is not yet confident in his code skills, so he can't manage a longer QSO.

    Under those conditions, for me, I say "sure - if you can hear me, let's QSO." I'm thinking that if he can make enough "touch and go" contacts, eventually his code speed will be sufficient that he can carry on a longer conversation and enjoy it.

    I also enjoy ragchewing on CW, but I can also understand and appreciate why some ops are not yet ready for it. If they stay with CW, they just might make some good ops. I've known a few in our local radio club to do just that.
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  4. KK9W

    KK9W Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do what you can and do what you like. If being a new CW OP is upsetting they can take a long walk off a short plank. Nobody starts off as a pro.
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  5. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't see a problem. Rag chewing has never been a requirement.
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  6. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm OK with it and very happy to just work them.

    73 from,
    The K0UO " Rhombic Antenna Farm" 2 miles of wire in the Air & On the daily
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  7. WN1MB

    WN1MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you "quickly become lost" hints at there might be a flaw in those 9 months of practice. Or you might subconsciously "settle" for just getting the RST and deem that "good enough" and prematurely quiting.

    I hasten to add that using FLDIGI isn't going to help you improving copying CW. Sooner or later the training wheels have to come off the bicycle...;)

    You might consider copying actual over-the-air QSOs on a regular basis. In time you should see gradual improvement. Also work 'em as you can, but try to catch something else beyond the signal report. If you copy "OP" or "NAME", you know the next thing will be the operator's name. If you hear "QTH" you know the location is coming next. Stick to it, and most important, DON'T give up.

    Posts like this one refresh my appreciation for the old 50 kHz wide Novice cattle corrals where we all congregated, learned, practiced, and progressed together. And yes, I'm a dinosaur...
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2021
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  8. KC7JNJ

    KC7JNJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    My code is very rusty I will work you, we can fall on our faces together... Email me if you want to try a on the air practice. Well I just read your bio... are you still in Korea? Dont know if I can hit you. But am willing to try.
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  9. KE0EYJ

    KE0EYJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't get me wrong. I'd love to rag chew one day.

    Ham in my area of the world (HL callsign in Korea) has become really depressing, as of late. I prefer SSB and liked digital modes where I could chat. Unfortunately, SSB Ham here has waned, unless you want to speak to pretty much the same handful of people who are really active. So many just went to FT8, or disappeared. Propagation is turning up, but I'm still not hearing more than the same old people in the same countries. I hear ops in JA, but even those numbers seem to have dwindled a great deal.

    CW, however, is alive like crazy.

    I've really had a down last 6 months for ham, expecting an improvement only to find it's worse propagation (or far fewer people) than a year ago.

    Also, it seems like the Korean government is doing everything it can to make it difficult for foreigners or hams in general. The local government tried to strong-arm the US into a reciprocal agreement by cutting licenses for foreigners down from 5 years to just a few months, with renewals and paid station inspections every renewal. After 4+ years of trying, the US government seems to have zero interest in doing this with Korea -- but the foolish people who started this fiasco are stubborn. This has killed-off the population of foreign hams operating here, with few coming in for more than a short stint.

    Now during Covid, rule changes about buying/selling radios not purchased from a Korean store make it so it's essentially illegal to sell a radio you brought in from outside, or you will be fined. Of course, this has killed off the opportunity to easily sell off the radios that I have. I have been told that greedy ham shop owners pushing for changes like this (so that people are forced into paying their 1.5 to 2x radio prices). We have Japan and radios at normal prices just 400 miles away, but Korean shops want $1,800+ for a 7300 you can get for $1,100 elsewhere. Those are pre-covid prices, mind you. I hear it's worse.

    Basically, I am faced with a lot fewer people to talk to, and a country where ham is now controlled by politicians and shop owners who just want to squeeze every last buck out of the downward spiral.

    If I am going to continue much in Ham, I think CW on small equipment will be a mainstay. CW is busy as heck.
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  10. K1LKP

    K1LKP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    DON'T WORRY ABT THE RUST..........


    WD 73.jpg



    73 - K1LKP
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