Do I have to submit log to have others get credit in a contest?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W0JKT, Jul 16, 2021.

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  1. KS2G

    KS2G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    There's nothing in the Russian DX Contest rules that require that you submit a log for your contacts to get credit.

    I explained in my post #16 how contest sponsors can "confirm" the validity of contacts without having logs from "both sides" of the QSO.
  2. W3SY

    W3SY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think I got that same e-mail!

    Dear Old Man Komrade Steve W3SY,

    Hello my brother and how is tricks? We are seeing you have operating in Russian DX contesting. You bet. But for you, we are not receiving logs of same. This poses for Russian amateurs a great deal of difficulty. In Russia, it is requirement that radiosport amateurs submit highly accurate account of scoring claimed. It is with great difficulty to verify accuracy of score if all not submit log to contest manager most promptly. And to submit claimed score without suitable documenting brings great penalty here in Mother Russia. For these reason, the three (3) Russian radiosport amateur komrades you make contact shall be comfortably detained in our utmost care until you may send such logging verifications. Please submitting in post haste to Box 88, Moscow.

    With most sincere,
    Vlad UR1LID

    P.S. - If please you may have American blue jeans available, please to send at same address. Thanks you! Спасибо, мой друг!
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  3. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Most contests do NOT penalize uniques. There might be a few that do, but that's not generally the case. And there's nothing wrong with what you described. If you look at the rules of almost any contest, the object is almost always stated as something like, "to work as many stations as possible." I have never seen one that says "to work as many other contest participants as possible."

    So if I'm operating some contest, and I hear the world's most anti-contest curmudgeon calling CQ and I call him back, have a nice ragchew, listen to him rant about how bad the contest is, and even commiserate with him about how the contesters are ruining ham radio, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me submitting the contact, as long as we exchanged the relevant information (unwittingly, in his case).
  4. AB0R

    AB0R XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    No blue jeans, but would my bank details suffice? :oops:
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  5. N5XH

    N5XH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nyet, we have already, but blue jeans scarce.
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  6. K2CD

    K2CD Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yep, I don't personally recall ever being penalized. Yet, it's one of those myths which I have come across time and time again online. So I am guilty myself of perpetuating it.
  7. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    For examples:


    16. Penalties
    Penalties are worth two times the QSO point value for the contact.

    16.1. Penalty is appllied if:

    • incorrectly logged calls (Bad Call); [they can only know this if the other guy doesn't submit a log]
    • incorrectly logged exchange numbers;
    12. Judging:

    Judging is carried out only on the received LOGs = if a participant doesn’t submit the log, then other participants will have no QSO point nor multiplier point credits for the QSOs with him!

    • ARRL General rules
    • Disqualification and Penalties:
      1. 7.1. If the claimed score of a participant is reduced by 2% or more, the entry may be disqualified. Score reduction does not include correction of arithmetic errors.
      2. 7.2. Score reduction may be made for taking credit for unconfirmed QSOs or multipliers, duplicate contacts or other scoring discrepancies.
      3. 7.2.1. Duplicate QSOs in electronic log file are considered zero point QSOs and are not penalized.

    • CQWW (note #A.4.)

      The CQ WW DX Contest Committee is responsible for checking and adjudicating the contest entries. Entrants are expected to follow the rules and best amateur radio practices. Violation of the rules of the contest or unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to disciplinary action by the Committee.

      A. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to:
      1. Arranging or confirming any contacts during or after the contest by use of ANY non-amateur radio means such as telephones, Internet, instant messaging, chat rooms, VoIP, email, social media, or Web sites.
      2. Transmissions by the entrant on frequencies outside of license limitations.
      3. Changing times in the log to meet band change or off time rules.
      4. Taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs or unverifiable multipliers.
      5. Signals with excessive bandwidth (e.g., splatter, clicks) or harmonics on other bands.
      6. Running stations making more than three consecutive contacts without sending their callsign.
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  8. KS2G

    KS2G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm still waiting to see THIS ONE ^^^ ever enforced.
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  9. W3SY

    W3SY Ham Member QRZ Page

    "We are going to check now the contesting logs right away!"

    "But first, we CRUISE FOR FOXES!!!"

    "No way! That's YOUR problem!!!!"

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