Discone for Cell Phone Booster?

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by W0KDT, Jun 17, 2021.

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  1. W0KDT

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    We are building a new lake home that is somewhat out in the boonies, Cell towers are in different directions depending on carrier and from time to time a new tower goes up. So I want to install an omnidirectional antenna for an in-house booster amp. The few omnidirectional antennas specifically offered for cell phone boosters are tiny things (like https://www.weboost.com/products/wilson-electronics-4g-omni-building-antenna-75-ohm). Thinking of the need to cover multiple frequencies including 5G and generally feeling that more metal will gather more signal, I am thinking that a discone would be a better choice.

    Cell phone experts, thoughts?
  2. W9KEY

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    Before going to a lot of work, be sure to contact your cell service provider and see if they might have some (secret) solution. I don't live far from my cell tower, but am in a valley (shadow) resulting in marginal service. Years ago (Verizon I think, but don't recall for sure) offered me a free box, that might best be described as a "Nano Cell". It connected to the internet and provided a full strength cell signal inside our home. Probably reached the neighbors too, but never noticed any internet issues.

    Thanks for getting me to think about this again!! Our cell service technology has changed over the years and that box long ago ceased to function - but we again have a similar weak signal problem with current 4G service. Guess I need to try calling them again - maybe they have a similar free product.
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  3. W0KDT

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    Actually, I remember trying and failing with a microcell type thing. Regardless, we use the Google Fi MVNO which is tied to several different cellular operators.

    For your situations FWIW have had very good luck with the Wilson systems. They have rebranded to "WeBoost" now and there is great confusion in the market with several resellers having grabbed the Wilson name. In our city home I have an omnidirectional antenna on the roof on a short tripod tower. IT does a good job (with a Wilson amp) getting me a signal in my basement office/shack. At our current lake home I have one of the blade-shroud yagis wired to a booster and the situation is marginal, especially when there are leaves on the trees. Both systems came via eBay and IIRC maybe $150 each. I'll be doing something similar at the new house.
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