Did a "Wanted" ad on QRZ today and guess what?

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by N8WWM, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. WG2Y

    WG2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    the reason for that is they take Google images of the radio and send it to you.
  2. N8WWM

    N8WWM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Exactly! I have not seen a 2nd round of images that looked like they were of the same radio. I only actually have gotten one 2nd round image. That was of a 690 on 15 meters. I think the scammer thought 21 mhz corresponded to my 20 meter band picture request.

    This is fun, harmless, and frustrating to the scammer. I don't see the issue as something for anyone to get out of joint over.
  3. WN2SQC

    WN2SQC Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I received an offer to sell me a radio I asked them to send the rig first and if I like it I promised to send the payment. That was the last I heard from that person.
  4. N2ADV

    N2ADV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yeah, I got several from UK "hams" wanting me to send them money via Western Union.

    Uh, no.
  5. WE6C

    WE6C Ham Member QRZ Page

    At my last QTH I finally had to put up a sign also but mine read... "Crazy man with gun inside. Do not knock on door,turn around now"

    I guess one guy didn't read the sign in time sowhen I opened the door he was going the other way and I asked "what do you want" in not a very nice voice. He had a look of fear on his face! The sign worked!
    Bob WE6C
  6. N0MKC

    N0MKC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some years back, I had a friend in rural Oklahoma who posted a big sign at the entrance of her driveway that read "WARNING - THE GUARD DOGS HERE ARE ALLOWED TO EAT WHAT THEY KILL!"

    About once a week she'd see a car pull into the drive, stop, and leave in a hurry...
  7. WA3VZK

    WA3VZK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I too have experience with people in the UK trying to rip me off. I string them along by asking stupid questions about the rig they have for sale and enjoy their really stupid answers. A so called ham posing as a legitimate ham in the UK tried to rip me off just lately. He wanted to sell me a rig that was worth about $500 for over a thousand plus Export fees of another 600. He was posing as a legit ham and I contacted the real person in the UK and told him what was going on. I had fun with this character for a month or so. He wanted me to send payment by Western Union of course and I told him I sent it by Special Western Union Courier to his QRZ address. Boy was he ticked off. It was funny to the extreme.
  8. WA3VZK

    WA3VZK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Deals from outside the USA especially the UK

    I have always been told that there is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers. I beg to differ. If someone wants to sell me something from outside the US especially the UK, I ask some very stupid questions. Like does the radio have the factory installed BILATERAL RECEIVER or the DUAL POLARIZED AMPLIFIER and so on. It is totally hillarious the answers I get. Try it.
  9. KD1W

    KD1W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is the response I received from this guy "Raw Shepard" claiming to be G4GFQ:

    I have received and noted down your complete shippingaddress on QRZ.

    My PayPal is dormant i will accept payment via Westernunion. If this is okay with you let me know. As soon as i read from you i willemail to you my details for payment via Western union.
    As soon as I replied mentioning Western Union scams he never responded again. I also had a new Nigerian flag on my flag counter that same day he said that he was on my QRZ page.

  10. WW7F

    WW7F Guest

    I am not anti religion,but I take exception to some groups that drop by in pairs to prosyletize thier particular brand of faith. My father innocenty answered he door one day a pair of people from this church stoppe by and they would not leave I just went in my room cranked up the stereo and put on some Ozzy Osbourne they were gone within a minute it is true music hath the power to charm beasts even those relogion salespeople:) BTW Rock and Roll Rebel was the ticket.
    Those scammers online I also think need to have a taste of thier time wasted like they seek to do with thier victims or would be ones.
    They DO deserve what they get in my opinion I see the point if they get strungalong by a few hms then they will become gun shy trying to fool any of us "stupid" hams the worst so far is a supposed emaildirectly from the FBI but funny thing is it is in care of a nigerian email addy.
    Colonel H. Sanders of Interpol is also effective it scared off more than a few of these idiots.
    I think just saying no doesnt give them the negative stimulus they need to be conditioned with so they wil know hams are NOT easy gullible(for the most part) fools.
    I aso think it kind of odd some ham would jump up in defense of these people ike they want us to let them alone, my question is maybe a few hams DO know these guys personally from some other radio "service" just odd they would want would be victims to not do as they wish, after all it was the ham wanting stuff that was approached, not the other way around.
    Too ad so much of this rip off stuff happening they always seem to think the americansthey see on tv and in movies in some places think this is actually how all of us are,Not so!!
    I say keep up the good work frustrate the H#$L outof em:);)!!
    73 all, michelle
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