Dayton Hamvention

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by N3CA, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. N3CA

    N3CA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is making the annual trek to the Dayton Hamvention this May? I know I'll be there!
  2. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I seem to have a lack of money available to go. [​IMG] :p Maybe when I'm older. I've got my share of projects going on now, though. Four wheeler has parts in the mail, weather paging system needs work, and I'm getting a bunch of dirt bikes in May. I can't wait to get my severe weather paging system, that is on 440 MHz, up and going. [​IMG]
  3. K7ALY

    K7ALY Ham Member QRZ Page

    For the $720 it would cost me (minimum) to make the great pilgrimage to Dayton, I'd rather buy radio stuff. Someday, I'll go, but not now.
  4. KC9HJX

    KC9HJX Guest

    Hello, I'm Ray, 16 of Illinois.

    I will be attending this year; look for me at the HamSexy booth on Saturday.
    I will be on 446.495, PL67.0, Running P25/DES-XL, however my radio is set to RX signals on Analog as well. Give me a shout-out on frequency if you wanna meet up somewhere; it would be interesting to meet a ham or 2 my age as well.

  5. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    When is that thing, anyway? [​IMG]

    Also, on another topic, of alternative energy-
    I got my waste oil burner (converted home fuel oil burner) working! Took a ton of thinking, and hours of pondering about certain parts of it, and how to build them, but I fired it up on totally free, used motor oil. The burner is close to being able to handle vegetable oil. I'm not "green," I'm cheap. [​IMG] Though, I would like a VW Jetta diesel, to be able to run on homemade biodiesel, since I could never see myself paying $2.50 or more per gallon of fuel. Or a diesel truck, ie Chevy 2500 diesel, or, as I once saw, a 1500 diesel. [​IMG] Sorry, I'm just so excited I finally got the burner working! [​IMG]
  6. W4ABX

    W4ABX Ham Member QRZ Page

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Maybe I'll just bum off of all the rich hams going to Mecca to bow down to the Yaesu god.
  7. KC0KBH

    KC0KBH Ham Member QRZ Page

    The avatar-
    "We're on a mission from God." [​IMG]
  8. VE3HBD

    VE3HBD QRZ Member

    You know, I'll be home from Taiwan by then... I am seriously considering going.. I gave it a miss last year, but I might take a chance this year - if anything to get in on Doug's Astro Saber raffle [​IMG]

    The Hamsexy booth should be fun this year, I really regretted missing it last year.
  9. KC9HJX

    KC9HJX Guest

    Bryan....did he (Doug) state what model AS it was? (i.e I/II/III)

    Yeah it should be fun, I'll probably be at the booth for a good amount of time Saturday. It's my first Dayton as well, so it should be fun.
  10. VE3HBD

    VE3HBD QRZ Member

    He didn't mention it - but hey... P25 is P25 [​IMG]

    I sold my old Astro Saber to buy my motorcycle a couple of years ago, and I'd love to get Astro-capable again.... Winning one is better than buying one, that's for sure [​IMG]

    But I know that the AS is VHF, while all of the HS and Batlabs comms this year are going to be Astro UHF on 70cm.... so it'll be useless if you want to join in on the digital ham fun.... but still, VHF astro is nice, and they make great railroad radios too.
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