Dayton Hamvention - motel suggestions?

Discussion in 'Hamfest and Convention Calendar' started by N6RLS, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. K4LJP

    K4LJP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hotels / motels

    Many good ones and good places to eat and shop along Miller Ave. ( about 10 minutes from Hara Arena )I stayed at Red Roof Inn last year. Rates range from $49 to $100 per night. Best time, prices, for reservations is in mid January.
  2. KC2GYU

    KC2GYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    My review for the Dayton Days Inn South, at 1944 Miamisburg-Centerville Road:
    The hotel was the only one we could find with vacancy for a decent price(not 100-200 a night, we're looking to spend our money at the Hamvention, not the Hotel :p).
    When we first went to check-in, I'm guessing the man who was the owner, was very rude, probably because we woke him up at 1:30am.

    The room was dirty, and smelled. We were scared to sleep under the covers for fear of bedbugs.
    The next day, we decided to mark the sheets with a number in the corner. We threw them on the floor, and wrote a note asking for them to be changed, along with a 5 dollar bill. The tub was dirty, as was the bathroom in general. There was a few dead bugs under the bed. Found lots of ants crawling around the air conditioner.
    When we got back to the room, we checked the sheets, and sure enough our numbers were still in the corners, indicating they never changed the sheets. I slept the remainder of the nights in my clothes, wearing a sweatshirt because I didn't want to touch the dirty sheets/bed.

    Call me paranoid or whatever, but we WON'T be staying there next year.
    To be honest, I've slept in cleaner tents/cabins/lean-to's camping then this room.
  3. N4CD

    N4CD Ham Member QRZ Page


    If you find the place unacceptable, drop the national chain a note.

    The manager might not give a darn, but National HQ has the brand name to protect. If you have stuff stolen, file a police report and complain to national HQ. You might even take the motel to small claims court - especially if they show the maid left the door open. That is 'negligence' and likely they would lose, big time.

    Stayed at Super 8 in Morraine. Sheets clean. Room clean. Breakfast good. Others in previous years have had problems.

    If you want a $50 motel, I can point you at one. Sheets will be clean, and I've stayed there a bunch...but no breakfast, no internet access. Cheap is the word.
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