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Day 1 with the ICOM IC-7610

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator QRZ Page

    We're extremely fortunate to have received one of the very first ICOM IC-7610 radios delivered in north america. After waiting in line for many months, my pre-release reservation paid off with that much anticipated knock on the front door by UPS. I know the knock well, and it's so common around our house that the dog no longer barks at the delivery guy :)

    Our sincere thanks goes out to who made sure that everything went as smooth as possible.

    Let's get right to the video:

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  2. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great video.

    Hope they sell lots!
  3. N3ND

    N3ND Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's an LED brightness control, not the LCD screen. You can see the brightness of the LED to the right of the AF/RF controls. I see they caught that later. Also would love to know if you hook up a mouse as was suggested, can you control all the screen functions? Hate getting finger prints all over the screen.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
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  4. WB5MG

    WB5MG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cool , Im glad to know that they actually made one after 2 years LOL
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  5. WB5MG

    WB5MG Ham Member QRZ Page

    and a grand higher
  6. KB8UUZ

    KB8UUZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Way cool !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. W1MDM

    W1MDM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Again this is a game changer. Maybe i will buy this anytime by 2020.
  8. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wait ten years, you can get it for a song! *shakes head*
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  9. W1MDM

    W1MDM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    When you turned the LED BRIGHT - +, the POWER and TUNER button LED brightness change.
  10. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator QRZ Page

    Yep, I mentioned that later in the video. We're still looking for the screen contrast controls.

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