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  1. W7UUU

    W7UUU Director, QRZ Forums Lifetime Member 133 QRZ HQ Staff Life Member QRZ Page

    To All Members,

    Welcome to the Database FAQ. Please take your time to read over the FAQ before posting on the database forum.
    If you still have a problem that is not covered in this FAQ then, please, contact a member of Database Helper team.

    Database Helpers are all volunteer's and they do an outstanding job getting your information added to the database. They will usually get back to you in 1 or 2 days, but in some occasions the process could take longer.

    The Following is what is covered in the FAQ's

    1) Information needed to be provided to be added to the database.
    2) Help Tickets and Emails to the Editor. Further Help/contact us
    3) ALL USA hams wanting to have their license updated
    4) Members who show as "Unconfirmed"
    5) Members who are awaiting their Vanity callsign to be issued
    6) What type of callsigns can be added to the database
    7) QRZ Policy
    8) Database Team

    1) Information needed to be provided to be added to the database. This information needs to be provided in the layout below in order for your request to be processed.

    First Name + Middle initial:
    Last Name:
    Address Line 2: (City/Town etc)

    Plus any other information you want:
    Address Line 1: (Street etc)
    Zip/Post Code:
    Grid Square: (or Latitude & Longitude)
    Previous Callsign(s):
    CQ Zone:
    ITU Zone:
    IOTA Ref. Number: (AS-007 etc)
    IOTA Group Name: (Honshu Island etc)
    QSL Info:
    Public Email:
    Birth Year:
    Show Birth Year on page?: Yes/No
    eQSL?: Yes/No
    LOTW?: Yes/No
    Mail QSL?: Yes/No

    You must provide valid and in date information in your mandatory data. The Database Team reserve the right to ask for two forms of valid, government issued identification to prove that you are a valid radio operatorone being your amateur radio license.

    Please, notice that according to your location/ country a DXCC official flag will be displayed and it cannot be modified
    Furthermore, please, be aware that you must provide reliable data. Otherwise, the appropriate action will be taken by the database enforcement team.

    If there is any reason in which your mandatory data would not be able to be entered into the database IE: For legal reasons, then please, Contact WS2L explaining the reasons you wish for an exemption to be granted.

    If you already have a callsign and wish to add an additional callsign you can by following this link:

    2) Help Tickets and Emails to the Editor.

    Only database requests are dealt with on this forum – if you have a question, query or concern then please post it on the Community Help Centre.

    For account issues such as a lost password Please submit a Support Ticket
    If you are experiencing some type of trouble with your accounts such as a
    lost password please use this link to open a "Support Ticket"
    If you need instructions on how to do anything such as what is shown below
    please send an Email

    1) Reset your password
    2) Instructions on how to edit your Bio or add a picture
    3) How to change your email address or password
    4) Any other issues, comments or problems you may be experiencing

    3) ALL USA hams wanting to have their license updated

    For those USA hams who are seeking to do the following:

    A. Update their address
    B. Renew their license
    C. Legal name change
    D. Any other misc changes to their license

    With all of these matters the Database Helpers and even Administrators have no
    access to the ULS to make any changes. In any of these cases, you must file
    the appropriate paperwork and file them with the FCC as we are not
    authorized to make any changes.
    Please do not ask the Database Helpers for help with these issues as
    there is nothing at all we can do to help you.

    Before you receive your new callsign from the FCC please take a moment to back up your QRZ Online Logbook. If you forget to do this do not worry as we can transfer your old logbook to your new callsign. To do this please submit a Support Ticket and in the description please advise us of both your old and new callsign. This action can only be performed once so make sure that you supply us with the correct callsigns. Also we can only transfer your entire logbook, we can not transfer information from a particular date on. If you wish to only save a portion of your online logbook then it is best that you back up your logbook before your callsign changes.

    4) Members who show as "Unconfirmed"

    Part of the activation process for this website is that when you register , a
    confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that you provided on
    registration. Once you register you must go into that e-mail address, open
    it and activate your account. This will complete the registration
    process and you will be shown as a "Ham Member" if you use your callsign as
    your log-in name.
    Often times mail from our address get's caught in SPAM filters. If you are
    expecting an e-mail from us and it does not appear in you "IN" box please
    check your "Junk" or "SPAM" folder.

    5) Members who are awaiting their Vanity or other callsign to be issued

    If you are expecting a Vanity callsign to be issued please take the time to
    back up any pictures and your Bio in your current callsign. When your new
    callsign is downloaded it will replace your old callsign and delete all
    information that was contained in there. We do not back up Bio's, once
    they are lost they can not be retrieved so do not ask us if we can find your
    previous information
    . Once you are notified you are receiving a new callsign
    take a few moments to save everything you do not wish to lose.

    6) What type of callsigns can be added to the database

    Only valid Amateur Radio Call Signs are authorized to be in the database. These include but may not be limited to the following.
    A) Individual Amateur Radio Callsigns
    B) Special Event Callsigns
    C) Club Callsigns
    D) Beacons
    E) Repeaters

    Call Signs not authorized to be included in the QRZ database include but are not limited to:CB Radio, Mobile, GMRS, Relay Stations, APRS Stations, Digipeaters, Packet BBS and Packet Link stations, Echolink stations or nodes, IRLP stations or nodes and SWL's.

    Any member of the Database Helpers group upon their discretion are authorized by myself (WS2L) to request a copy of a license that is issued by your Government to verify the legitimacy and accuracy of the information you are providing. While waiting for such documents to arrive and be verified the callsign in question will not be added to the database until such a time that it can be verified.
    Also, callsigns with little or no information included in them will be deleted at the discretion of the Database Manager. Callsigns should include basic information such as. Callsigns which do not include the mandatory data will be deleted from the database. It is against the policy to have your data added with the mandatory data and then remove it – anyone found guilty of this may receive a warning at the discretion of the database enforcement staff. You may also have your database record removed.

    Any callsigns found in the database without the minimum required information may be removed without notice unless you have received prior permission to exclude the minimum due to reasons of safety, fraud, your type of employment which would put your safety at risk. These issues must be addressed with an Administrator.
    ALL cases will be dealt with on a case by case basis as reasons for exclusion may vary.

    Database Enforcement Policy:

    Anyone without the mandatory data in the database will be issued a Warning and given a set amount of time to rectify the data. If the record is not amended then it will be removed.

    Any members who add callsigns to the database without the required data will be issued a warning and the callsign without the data removed.

    Any members found deliberately adding callsigns to the database without the required data, persistently infringing the rules, or providing false data, will have their database access suspended as appropriate.

    Browsers have to be set to Unicode in order to view the biographies and other data properly.

    ONLY HTML code is allowed. Javascript will freeze browsers. Music players are also not allowed with auto start.

    QRZ is a family website and has users of all ages, users are reminded that everything on their page and what they post must be of PG standard. If you have any questions as to what is allowed then please get in touch with one of the team. Any user with content that violates this will be dealt with accordingly.

    7) QRZ policy only allows each user one (1) Log-In account regardless of how many callsigns you may hold. The reason behind this is for only single users or one person having access to a Log-In account. If more then one person has access to an account and someone violates policy it is not possible to know who the offending party is if multiple users have access to one account. If you hold more then one callsign, are trustee for a Club Callsign, Special Event Callsign or any type of authorized callsign we do the following.

    A member of the organization will be assigned (By your organization)/Your organization will elect a member to be assigned as the Manager of the callsign data page. This person must have a valid QRZ Log-In account which they will use to access any/all of the callsigns they are assigned to manage. This person must have a valid QRZ Log In account which will be used to access, edit and modify the callsign data page of his organization. So, notice, that only the assigned person will have the permission to make changes

    Document of evidence : if you are the chosen person to manage the callsign of your organization ( Radio Club, Special Event...etc) you must e-mail us a document of evidence issued by your organization. This is to confirm that you have been assigned the manager of this callsign and avoid misunderstandings

    Any accounts found to be active for any of these types of callsigns will be closed immediately upon being discovered. You will have to email us at and advise us of the callsign of the member of your organization you wish to manage your organizations callsign. If you wish for a callsign to be added to the database on behalf of a club then please ask us on the forum. In the matter of a single user with multiple callsigns you will need to notify us of which callsign you want to be the primary callsign to keep an active log-in. The other callsigns will be set to be managed by your primary callsign.
    If your callsign is already in the database then you are authorized to add a callsign to the database of a callsign you manage, or an additional callsign you may hold. If you have your primary callsign upgraded or changed then please make a post and your log in name will be updated to your new callsign, your password will not change.

    8) Database Team

    This forum is run and managed by the database team who are all volunteer's who dedicate their time to add callsigns to the database, so please be patient. The structure of the database team are as follows:

    Database Team Leader:

    Julio César- EB1BSV
    Moderator of DXHelper Database Forum

    Database Staff:

    JA6XZS- Kaz
    PD5SJO- Jan
    UA6JD- Vlad
    W3UR- Anthony

    What to and not to do when requesting your callsign to be changed

    When you wish to have your username/callsign changed you can do so by making a post to this forum:

    or you may submit a Support Ticket. This does not apply to US Hams as this process is automated.
    If you have changed your callsign please post a message in the forum requesting to have your Log-In changed to your callsign.

    When requesting your callsign to be changed please do not try to add a new Log-In account into the database with your new callsign, we will change this for you. When you open a new log in account and then ask for us to change your username , we will delete the NEW Log-In account and then change your old callsign account to your new callsign.

    In other words, we assume that your current log in account is the one to be deleted and substituted by the new one. This can sometimes be confusing and we assume that the NEW Log-In account that is already in the database is an old or expired account. With Vanity callsigns being issued daily there may still be a username/callsign already present in the database from the previous holder of your new callsign.

    When we do change your username please keep in mind that your email address and password will remain the same. If you are unable to log into the website with your old username/callsign simply use the username/callsign that is new and use the password that you set up with that account initially.

    If you are in a country that allows you to hold more than one callsign please advise us whether you wish or not wish to have your old callsign deleted or if you would like to have it remain in the database. Normally we will not delete your old callsign unless you are from a country that does not allow you to hold more than one callsign.

    If you do have more than one callsign, QRZ policy only allows you to have one log in account regardless of how many callsigns you may hold. Please advise us of which callsign that you would like to be used for your log in account.

    If you have any questions you may contact the Database Helpers by posting your question in the "Community Help Center" forum at this link:

    Requesting an online logbook to be transferred from an old to new callsign

    To handle having your logbook transferred from an old callsign to a new callsign you should submit a Support Ticket and choose the appropriate actions and an Administrator will handle your support tick as soon as possible. If you do not receive a reply in a few days do NOT submit another Support Ticket unless several days have elapsed. At this time you should send an email to:

    USA Hams and modifications to your license.

    This procedure is only for hams in the USA ONLY !!!!

    Here is some very simple information regarding the above subject. As one of the Senior Administrators on this website not a day goes by that I read another email from an American ham operator thinking we are the FCC.

    1) We are NOT the FCC and as such we are NOT authorized to make ANY changes to FCC data on your license. We can not change your name, address, FRN number, etc.

    2) When your license or any modifications show up on the FCC ULS please take note of the "Grant Date". Your new information will NOT appear on QRZ until 2-3 days after that date.

    3) If you just passed your first license and are waiting for your callsign do not ask us what your callsign is going to be or when it is going to be issued, WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT OR WHEN.

    4) Do not ask us what callsigns are available through the Vanity Callsign system, there are websites that deal with just that. You must do your own homework on available callsigns, we will not search for callsigns for you.

    5) Above all BE PATIENT !!!! This website is run by volunteers so returning an email may take a day or so depending on how many emails and Support tickets we receive in any given day. We try to keep the wait time to a bare minimum but at times we get overwhelmed and may need time to research your question.

    6) If you apply for a Vanity callsign and you are advised that you will be receiving a new callsign do the following. Be sure to back up all information that appears in your current Bio both pictures, text. When you receive your new callsign your Bio information should transfer over to your new callsign without any problems. Sometimes there is a kafuffle in the system and your Pictures, text, logbooks, etc may not transfer to your new callsign. Please relax and catch your breath as in most cases where this happens your information can very often be retrieved and transferred over to your new callsign. Simply create a Support Ticket at this link and please select the option "Other Issue - Please Contact The QRZ Staff" and then include BOTH your OLD and NEW callsigns and state that your information did not transfer to your new callsign:

    Please take a few moments to back up your text, pictures and Logbook PRIOR to your new callsign being downloaded to the QRZ database.

    7) If you have an online QRZ Logbook this information is still in the database. Simply send a Support Ticket with your old and new callsigns in the message box and ask to have your old logbook forwarded to your new callsign.

    This procedure is only for hams in the USA ONLY !!!!

    Please request only 1 callsign to be added per thread

    For those members wishing to have their info added to the database please create a NEW POST. Some members will add their requests as a REPLY on another members request to be added, this increases the possibility of your request being missed.

    Instead please click on the "NEW THREAD" button on the top left corner of the forum page. In the subject line please put "PLEASE ADD ME TO THE DATABASE - (YOUR CALL)". Then add your information to the text area and when completed click the "SUBMIT NEW THREAD" button at the bottom of the text box.

    The only exception to this is if one person holds more then one callsign. Make your initial request for one of your callsigns to be added to the database. Once this is done please click on the Reply To This Thread button and please list the next callsign and include all of the information again. Please do this until you have listed ALL of the callsigns that you hold. Please note that despite how many callsigns you may hold QRZ rules only allow you to have one (1) log-in account. Please pick one of your callsigns as the one callsign you are authorized to have. Please make sure to include this information in your first posting and we will use that callsign to be designated as the Administrative callsign that will manage all of your database listings.

    This will ensure that the DX Helpers will not miss your request that was posted as a reply in another members request.

    If you have any questions regarding how this works you can start a thread in the forum.

    PLEASE DO NOT RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET FOR THIS TYPE OF QUESTION, please email the Editor with your question at as we will be better able to answer you through email.

    PLEASE DO NOT CLICK "REPORT" to add your information - that will NOT work.

    QRZ Database Helper Forum FAQ's

    Dave W7UUU

    Updated 6/6/2022 by W7UUU at request of W4PG: Remove outdated contact information
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