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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KG4RRM, Oct 27, 2002.

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  1. KG4RRM

    KG4RRM Ham Member QRZ Page

    ^ (sorry about the space in the title)

    This is just idea I though up not too long ago. I've reading of the troubles caused by illegals/freebanders/CBs/etc... and though that 3 statellites might be a good way of solving this problem. Using 3 satellites, you could triangulate the signal. Thus finding out where the perpetrator is.  

    We hams don't have enough time, money or energy to go after them all, or even a good portion of them. Make it have multiple antennai (is that right?) for tracking multiple transmitters. Have a internet interface that could be used to track these transmitters. For security, have it be priviate, ie hams only. Then log them and send the info to the FCC. This would give the FCC a better chance of catch the illegals.

    From what I know, this wouldn't be that expensive. The electronics are cheap. The biggest cost would be putting it into space. The only problem I can think of is HF signals. There going to get reflected in the ionosphere, messing up your accuracy, unfortunately thats where we need it the most. I just don't know if you could put the satellites under the ionosphere?

    Comments, idea, suggestions???
  2. KD7LDH

    KD7LDH QRZ Member QRZ Page

    This is how we get an Idea where an ELT is.... It is called SARSAT.... - When an ELT Goes off using doppler shift it gives us a general Idea where the ELT is.... However we still need to go and find exactly where it is....

    Now here is the flaw in your Idea... ELT's are resticted and only are turned on in an emergency and in the first 5 minutes of every hour for testing but even with all this restictions tons of elts are picked up by SARSAT....

    Next Problem how do you Identify whos is good and bad?

    Last Problem what about jammers and people who cause interference on busy freqs.... That makes it very hard to make any readings

    Just my $75.54 (as opposed to my .02)

  3. wb6bcn

    wb6bcn Ham Member QRZ Page

    The major problem with using orbiting satellites other than there being three up at the same time is the look angle.  You would have to be a super high gain antenna to get a small enough footprint.  This is impractical,  as on 2 meters we would be talking a dish antenna probably over 1,000 feet in diameter. Even that may be too small. Then directing it would be a nightmare.  At 150 miles 1 degree is about 2.6 miles The problem becomes worse with geostationary birds. 1 degree from them is about 400 miles. D FING with a satellite isn't technologically possible at the present time, and unless there is some fantastic breakthrough it may not ever be. [​IMG]
    Doug Flory
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