YouTube: Bob Heil - "The Science of Audio"

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VA3ON, Mar 10, 2021.

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  1. VA3ON

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    Bob Heil was kind enough to join us live on 13 Feb 2021 for our regular Cycle25 meeting. We have recorded it and posted to YouTube. The talk spans his history with building Heil Sound, the sound system division, and details many of the rock groups he toured with, the building of the Talk Box for Peter Frampton, etc. He then gets into the technical part - the ’Science of audio’ bringing the findings of the early Bell labs and their 4,000 scientists trying to discover why the telephone systems did not sound good….only to discover it was the human ear. This is incredible information that is so necessary to understand for all of us in order to dig out those weak signals. It was a privilege yo have this icon of the Ham Radio community with us!

    Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel to see other great presentations at

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  2. EI7KW

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    Really enjoyed watching this video. What a fascinating story. Now, off to the shack to see what did I learn
    Thanks for posting
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  3. G0WXU

    G0WXU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I there Bob. On the fact of being giffted with being able to distinguish the sound. My first wife was tone deaf and that was hard for me to appreciate what that realy meant. I was brought up in a musical family. I started with violin leasons at school and found it easy to read music. I suppose I had been reading music long before with being a church choir boy and also in the school choir. My uncle happened to be my school music master. He was also the church organist at a local church. Many years before he and my dad had been in the church choir at a local town. I had been Chrisaned there and my uncle realized this as he had been pressent there. He had invited all of his students to bring in their favourite records for Christmas time. I had brought one of my dads records. "Every Valley ". When the record was being played, I was tapping my fingers on my desk along to the sound. My uncle asked me if I was Fred Cliff's son. I answered yes sir. Then I got all of the history of how it came into place how he and my dad had sang parts of the Messia together years ago. 73 de John - G0WXU
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  4. N1IPU

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    Very good, Bob knows his kit.
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  5. KI5KT

    KI5KT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Love this guy and his mics. But I disagree about the RE20 mic. Maybe not the mic for ham radio (too bassy without EQ) but nothing sounds better on broadcast. Just a beast.
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  6. KC8UD

    KC8UD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I always knew Bob could talk but MY GOODNESS! He's a neat guy. Bob and I used to talk to each other frequently on 10 meters FM back in the early 1980's between Dayton, Ohio and Illinois. We both were conducting some of the early experiments on 10 meters FM by converting CB radios and finding ways to FM modulate amateur transceivers.
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  7. K1DT

    K1DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Stuff. I've spent 50 years on CW, I'm just learning Phone! Thanks!
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  8. WB2JIX

    WB2JIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolutely priceless! Thank you Bob!!!
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  9. VE4AMU

    VE4AMU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great guy love his products .Was fun to watch him on C-BAND satellite on my 10 1/2 dish. Have recordings somewhere. Stay safe BOB .
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  10. M1WML

    M1WML Ham Member QRZ Page

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