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CW skimmer on win xp

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by VK3MTW, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. VK3MTW

    VK3MTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Setting up a laptop I have running on xp.
    I use this with my old radio programming software.
    I am trying to setup CW skimmer on it.
    I have searched and seen I need to use a USB sound card with it.
    I would like just like to plug the audio into the PC with out the radios interface as I use a older radio.

    What USB soundcard will do this job?

    Thx 73
  2. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    External, USB connected, sound cards are often better than the internal sound devices. But, if your laptop has audio input and output jacks, it already has a internal sound device and does not really need an external USB connected sound card. Just plug your audio into the PC. The configuration menu will show you the internal sound card.

    I use an old Compaq Presario desk side that runs XP for my shack computer. Because the OS is so old, there are a bunch of limitations on the software. I have never tried CW Skimmer, but I do use an old version (5.xx) of HRD. Because of the old OS and memory limitation, much of the new ham software will not run very well any more, if at all.

    My Compaq Presario has a high end, built in sound card that handles 5-channel surround sound. I don't need anything that sophisticated, but it works good for digital modes. Laptop sound cards will usually be much simpler.

    I sometimes run PSK-31 with my Radio Shack HTX-100. To do that, I just wire the PC audio in/out into the mike and speaker connection on the radio. I use USB to RS-232 converter cable, with a 1 transistor interface, for PTT/CW keying. But I could make a simple audio activated PTT/CW Keying interface and do away with the converter cable.

    With my Compaq Presario, I use a built in Serial Port that drives a home brew RS-232 to CI-V interface for rig control of my IC-735. None of my other radios have rig control capabilities. I use a USB to RS-232 converter cable, with a small transistor interface, to handle CW keying and PTT. My USB to RS-232 converter cables are all pretty old and all "Prolific". Some still work fine on Windows 10.

    I also have a much older laptop that runs Windows 3.1. For that system, I have a home brew filter that takes the audio from the radio and converts Morse Code to zeros and ones over a DB9 RS-232 connection. A program, written in C, handles the CW decode. The program also sends CW and all runs in DOS. The battery power in the laptop blew out many years ago, but I can still get it up and running.

    Good luck on getting CW Skimmer to run.
  3. VK3MTW

    VK3MTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Martin
    I have looked into this and yes I can use it though the mic. Thanks . Using the internal sound system.
    Had to adjust a few settings on the skimmer but got it to pick up.
    I will build a jumper from radio out to my mic in on my PC. Should make it hear better.

    Thanks for the help

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