CW on CB?...You Bet!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WA2SI, Jan 16, 2002.

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  1. WA2SI

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    Hi everybody,

    I just thought I'd let you guys know that there's still Morse on 11-meters...legally. CW can be used legally on CB, however, you must use a Part 15 device @ 100mW.) I sent my first code on 27.1250 MHz (Ch. 14) many years ago and more recently to practice the code with my niece. A couple of us still enjoy an occasional QSO on 27.1250 MHz and have encouraged a few folks to work toward their tickets. This is the nicer face of 11-meters.

    BTW, I still enjoy an occasinal SSB QSO on CB. (But only with a FCC type-certified Uniden Grant XL.) The Part 15 device I use is called the Signature, Jr. and the only thing I've added is a mini phono-jack so I could use my Vibroplex straight key. Sure, there are plenty of lids in both services/hobbies. (After all, CB/11-meters has developed into a hobby for plenty of folks, despite never being intended as such. I, for one, have no problem addressing it as such.) This is especially true if you "look" for them. I prefer to look for the better aspects.

    So if you ever hear dits and dahs on Ch. 14, feel free to grab a Part 15 device (They're plentiful on ebay for about $20.00.) and chime...oops, "dit" right in. "Without CW, it's just CB?" NOT ANYMORE! :)

    Here's an example of what's available on ebay:

    73 de Bert

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