CW Contest Tonight - PUT

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by N3HEE, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. N3HEE

    N3HEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for all of the feedback on the CW Bash contest. I have made a few changes. See rules below.

    Pile Up Test - PUT

    Objective = To hone our copying and operating skills while working stations all within a narrow (5Khz) bandwidth. Stations MUST operate within the 5Khz bandwidth. Each station MUST take a 5 minute break during the contest. This is to help alleviate some of the congestion. Call CQ PUT. Please exercise good operating practices and behavior !

    Day = Monday Evening (EST)
    Time = 0100 - 0130 Z (9 - 9:30 PM Eastern)
    Break Period = Any 5 continuous minutes.
    Freq. = 7.050 +/- 2.5KC (7047.5 - 7052.5)
    Exchange = Name & Zip Code
    Scoring = One point per contact.
    Power = 100 watts maximum.
    Logging = Use N1MM CWT contest module.

    Please email scores to No need to submit logs. I will post scores on my website
  2. G0NMY

    G0NMY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is that 0100 -01:30 Tuesday morning here in UK or have I missed it?
  3. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can we use ESSB for the mode ? I forgot all my Morse.
  4. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    0100-0130 GMT (04 OCT.) about 50 minutes from now
  5. WR2E

    WR2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    N3hee Joe, I called a few times, you didn't hear me, cndx vy poor, u just above qrn

    No other stn heard... called cq a couple times... nil
  6. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I listened starting about 0055z, but there was a QSO going on around 7050 & the guy was strong. He was still going strong at 0110z & I just couldn't bring myself to blast out (with my 15 watts) a CQ PUT & interrupt their on-going QSO with QRM. (there were also on-going QSO's +/- 2 khz) :( I really don't see much future in the "PUT" test!!

    I'm curious to read of others results, or lack of.

    Steve / W5BIB
    G0NMY likes this.
  7. N3HEE

    N3HEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for your feedback and attempts at working the first PUT. This contest takes place each Tuesdayat 0100-0130 UTC. That's Monday evening at 2100 EST. I worked several stations (PR, WA, MO) and heard many others (8's & 9's) calling me but the band was super long and I just couldnt work them. There was a net at 7052 and other SKCC QSO's in progress around 7050. I will start to monitor the band around 0100 Z this week to find a lesser used space. I will repost again next Monday. -Joe N3HEE
  8. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Joe,... perhaps up around 7114 (the old novice freq) there's hardly any activity up there & we'd only be around the freq for 30 minutes or so !! whatcha think ?

    Steve / W5BIB
  9. N3HEE

    N3HEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, I agree Steve. I hear very little CW activity up there. I do hear some SSB activity in that area. I will monitor this week and post a new frequency for next Monday. Thanks -Joe

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