CW Academy pre-questions

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by WC3T, Jun 27, 2019.

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  1. WC3T

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    Actually, that's a misnomer. If you are plotting effort on the x axis and knowledge on the Y axis, I think you're trying to say it's a "shallow" learning curve. But that doesn't sound right.

    And I'm the kind of guy who bristles at the wrong use of the phrase "begging the question" so I guess you can call me a grammar Nazi. LOL

    Thank you very much for your help. Will be working on this over the summer. I am slated to start in January but it might pull back to September.
  2. K5UNX

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    When I did level one, I used the side tone on my FT-857D and just had the laptop sitting with in about 2 ft of the radio and the laptop external mic picked it all up just fine. I didn't use a headset , boom mic, or anything else. Just simple laptop & radio. I also have a spare bedroom that's now my office so I was able to close the door so my wife didn't have to listen.
  3. WC3T

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    I don't want to remove myself from my family that much; hence my requirement to be silent while still nominally present. (IOW no closed doors preventing access.)

    We'll see how it pans out for the length of the course.
  4. G0KAY

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    IOW - Isle of White?
  5. WC3T

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    In Other Words.
  6. N6MST

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    Level 2 grad here, I know you've mentioned more than once that you don't want to bug your family with audible dits and dahs, but I would suggest you try it before setting up a complex solution to pipe your sidetone into your computer. You will be sending, obviously, but it's not like you're sending the entire hour. There is discussion, there is copy practice, there are times when your classmates are sending. You will probably talk way more than you send. If I had to guess, there was maybe a total of ten minutes of me sending during each of my L2 sessions, and I think that's generous.
  7. KK4GGL

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    There is a fair amount of verbal conversation during the class, so you may still be disturbing your family. As noted, there's various ways to be "quiet" when you practice... and -I- needed to practice. That being said, I just got my 10 wpm proficiency certificate. I'm working on 15. As with any course, you'll get out what you put in.
    Good luck, and most importantly, have fun. :)
  8. AA8TA

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    I was just reading through this... I am one of the co-managers of the CW Academy. We have a pretty good list of students in the eastern part of North America but openings do occur because of cancelations.

    I understand the desire to not exclude the family. Also consider that any sounds they make due to TVs, conversations, etc. can be picked up by your microphone and might be distracting to your advisor and classmates. Also consider that we are going to want you to practice for 45 to 60 minutes every day. This includes sending practice. It is important to realize that you are learning something new and that distractions can make the process more difficult.

    I am not saying that you have to become a hermit and close yourself from everybody and tell them that they are on their own for two months but the importance of practice cannot be overemphasized.

    We find that headsets work well to minimize feedback loops and this can help with practicing as well. I, for one, encourage active participation during classes because that is how I tell how students are doing.

    Most advisors are using Zoom now. You can download a Zoom client and install it without registering on Zoom. There is a test feature in the Zoom settings where you can see how your audio (voice and sidetone) sound. Please try that out and adjust the audio of your radio so that it can be clearly heard. I am Mac-based so I cannot help much with Windows audio settings, but some people have to adjust the gain of various system settings to get the audio to sound right. I use two mixers to get the audio levels acceptable but most people do not have to go to those extremes.

    Good luck and think positive. Thousands of people have gone through the CW Academy. It is a challenge but the results are worth it.
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  9. W9RAC

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    I could use some "call sign capture" for sure regarding anything other than USA calls. Having had no interest in working DX other than the occasional response to a call to me, I struggle with the foreign calls. They just never click for me, I always have to ask again, sometimes 3 times :-( I probably have not the internet connection for the class. My upload is around 1 meg so I'm not sure that would support the necessary camera speed. 73 Rich

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