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CQWW 160m band segment violations

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. KC8BWS

    KC8BWS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Region 1 has different rules than the United States Region 2... IIRC
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  2. KJ3N

    KJ3N Ham Member QRZ Page

    You would be correct.

    In addition, the FCC sets the standards for what is allowed where, not the ARRL. :rolleyes:
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  3. N4YI

    N4YI Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you think it's bad now...

    If you think it's bad now, wait until (SOME) of the Region 2 "Hams" retire and move to Region 1.
  4. NN3W

    NN3W Ham Member QRZ Page

    As noted many times by the ARRL, the band plans are pretty much not in effect during high volume periods and are not meant for heavy load conditions.

    Causing QRM is pretty much a given any time you have stations on the air.

    Running excess power. Can you provide examples of that?
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  5. VR2BG

    VR2BG Ham Member QRZ Page

    1810 is bottom of band in R1

    1800-1810 isn't allocated to the amateur service in ITU R1.

    This has nothing to do with band plans, it has to do with compliance with licence conditions.

    I don't believe any R1 country permits amateur service operation at 1800-1810 - in general, countries don't let their amateurs do anything not in compliance with the ITU Radio Regs.

    Especially when it involves the service that is allocated 1800-1800 in R1.

  6. KD6IL

    KD6IL XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    People routinely use more power than is necessary for the given situation.
  7. KE5ZGI

    KE5ZGI Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is a comment based on US Region feedbacks here in this Forum. It is understood that different Regions have different rules.

  8. AA8X

    AA8X Ham Member QRZ Page

    Contesters gone wild!

    And when did contesters ever pay any attention to the rules? Just listen, they do anything they desire and the rules mean little as they take over the bands.
  9. K7ZZY

    K7ZZY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for that fact.

    I've always found it interesting that so many hams rely on the ARRL
    web site and publications as the source for FCC rules.
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  10. WA5ZNU

    WA5ZNU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    delete delete delete
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2010
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