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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 12, 2000.

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    N9JCA--Chris writes "Last November I started a Chat Room on FIRETALK with Ameteur Radio Operators in mind.This has turned out to be a very satisfying adventure.From what was started with nothing has turned out to be a well rewarding enterprize.After starting the Chat Room up;it basically was a "Hi/Bye" deal, with trial and error and by word of mouth we have managed to make it a place that has become a regular meeting place for Hams across the world.

    Since its conception we have managed to come up with a Net Meeting [where regular members stop by to say "hello" to other Hams] every Sunday Morning @ 0100Z,followed by a Discussion on Ham related topics. For example;we have had a discussion on ANTENNAS [loops;inverted vees;beams etc] a Visit from N1TDY Jennifer from ARRL who gave us an overlay about ARRL and we had a Q&A after;This Sunday[Oct 15th we are going to have a Disscussion about APRS.

    I am also in the process of contacting Riley Hollingsworth to see if he can stop by some time.We also have a URL tied into the Chat Room http://www.cqdxhamcoffeeshop.net And we are also starting up a Monthly News Letter.

    On November 10 we celebrate 1 year of being on line 7/24 If you would like to join in; download FIRETALK, http://www.firetalk.com; for Nick Name use HAM CALL/1st Name Format i.e...N9JCA Chris..., then go to INTERNATIONAL Forum...and look for...WWW CQ DX HAM COFFEE SHOP-NET...

    For any more Info send E-Mail to N9JCA--Chris at...n9jca@sigecom.net...

    "We are not Strangers,just Friends who have never Met""[/I]
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