Cousins Kids, got them hooked

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by N3VQW, Oct 12, 2015.

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  1. N3VQW

    N3VQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes yes yes, spread the word!


    I made a little advertisement with a QRCode to attach to my shirt as I walk around the Georgetown hamfest tommorow.
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  2. KD2EOM

    KD2EOM Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. WB8NUT

    WB8NUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    All three should be out working and earning the money instead of looking for people to give them money to buy it without earning it.

    So sad our youth have not learned the value of hard work. Really, begging for a 25 year old?

    When I was 10 I was working at weeding, cutting grass, shoveling snow. 15 and 16 working as a stable boy taking care of horses. At 17 I started working at a Radio Shack and worked there until I graduated college.

    I expect others to do the same.
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  4. WI0T

    WI0T Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is an excellent idea.

    I'm looking at the Yaesu FT-DX9000/MP and the Kenwood Ts-990s (backup radio) so I think I'll setup an account
    to help fund these necessary purchases.

    I just don't have the funds after paying my mortgage, insurance, food, utilities, taxes and all the other things that life

    I'm thinking that raising a mere $17,000 should be sufficient.

    If I can get WB8NUT to contribute, I might even have some pocket money to buy the wife a Christmas present...

    Thanks for your support!

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  5. WB8NUT

    WB8NUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just sent you $.50 in the mail. Hope that helps. I'm thinking of also setting up a gofundme account to try to get some money for more radios. I mean the American way is to get someone else to pay for it now, as hard work and earning your own way is passe, all in the name of fairness and income equality. Maybe we hams should ask the FCC to ask congress to tax those evil one-percenters and establish a fund for amateurs that we can tap into to buy equipment for education and emcomm. God forbid we'd have to work to earn money for it on our own.
  6. N3VQW

    N3VQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    WB8NUT and WI0T,

    You missed the bar completely here. I set up to gofundme account for them. they did not ask for it. I was hoping that people would contribute because it is a neat thing that these kids studied hard, and did well. They will eventually buy a radio, but apparently, much later then sooner because people much rather post stupid stuff then give a few bucks. Thanks

    If you dont agree to my approach, just ignore. But dont post stupid sarcastic stuff on this thread.

  7. WI0T

    WI0T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why don't you just buy them a radio instead of asking other people to fund this ?

    When my son got his ham ticket, I bought him a radio...I did not ask other people to fund it.

    And no, I don't agree with your approach.

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  8. WB8NUT

    WB8NUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    No, I did not. My comments were not meant for them, they were meant for you. First, a 25 year old is NOT a kid. Second a 16 year old is capable of earning money for the radio as is the 25 year old. My comments were more directed at you since you should have encouraged them to EARN the money themselves to go buy their own radios instead of begging people for money.

    All of us studied hard to get our licenses and in fact, it was a lot harder back in the 70's when I got my license and I assume WI0T did likewise as did thousands of other young hams. I earned the money for my radios when I was 15. The lesson you are teaching the kids is not beneficial at all. Encourage them to work for what they get and not expect others to just hand over money because the "kids studied hard." We all did so why should they get any special treatment? Do the kids a favor and get them to work for their radios.
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  9. N3VQW

    N3VQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Asking for people to contribute is not the same as begging.

    I have already spent over $500 on 2 meter equipement for them (3 hts, 1 mobile radio, mobile radio, powersupply, and vertical antenna for the tower and feedline. I will be and have been contributing more to their new hobby.

    The 24 year old inst a General, and probably never will become one, so the expensive stuff inst for her.
    The 16 year old can get a job, but only in the summer. During the school year, they have their studies, and the rest of the time is working family chores, etc (gardening, lawn care, taking care of the church and annex, etc)
  10. WB8NUT

    WB8NUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    How much gardening and lawn care do they do in Ohio in the Winter? I worked when I was a student, did family chores (we had cattle and 22 acres) and volunteered at our church. Still had a small job that paid for my radio habit.

    Again, what is the 24 year old doing? Why are you buying even VHF/UHF equipment for her? She should have a job earning money and helping her brother out. When I was 24 I was married, out of college and had a full-time job, a house and supported myself.

    Just amazed at the excuses being offered for why one adult, one young adult and a kid cannot earn money for their own equipment. Has society and work ethic eroded to zero in this country?
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