Could this be why 10M has been open???

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W6CSP, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. W6CSP

    W6CSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Up front I will admit that I have not had time to study and compare the geophysical data with reports of 10M DX. However, an article appearing yesterday on MSNBC ( ) indicates that we appear to be looking at a two peaked solar cycle. The article has some additional interesting information in it, although the author confuses some events that took place in the last cycle peak (1990) with the current peak.

    Since I earned my HF privileges (11/29/2001), I have logged over 100 contacts with 85-90 or so being on 10M. They include the Slovak Republic to the east, China to the west and Brazil to the south. Considering I'm running just 100W into a Van Gordon Shorty All-Bander (in an inverted V), the number of contacts has left me pleasantly surprised.

    So I guest the question for the sage & experienced one's is: How long can we expect this to continue? The article mentions an opinion by the space weather people that next winter could be as active as this one. Will the twin peaked solar cycle be a boon or bust?

    Then again, maybe instead of posting replies on the internet, we should all be sitting in front of our radios and playing on 10M, hi hi!

    73 to all, see you down the log.

    Ralph - W6CSP

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