Contest Headphones and glorious HF SSB

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK6FLAB, Dec 14, 2018.

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  1. N7BTH

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    I am getting active again after too many years on the back burner. Since I had my last real radio shack I have become an old fart with hearing aids. Hearing in the context of my hobby is a whole different subject and I don't want to hijack this thread but the topic of over the ear headphones with over-the-ear hearing aids interests me. After an hour or so of the headphones pressing in on the hearing aids it can get uncomfortable. They also need to positioned correctly for the hearing aids to work since the mics are on the back of the ear.

    I have a device that allows my hearing aids to blue tooth to my TV and they can also blue tooth to my phone. My wife controls the tv audio to what suits her and I control my own with the device. Not sure how good that would work with a transceiver but it might be worth a try. The quality is not nearly as good as the headphones if they are positioned correctly. Hearing correctly and responding appropriately are a real concern for me. For that reason I think I will be focusing on digital modes but hate to pass up some good old fashioned voice QSO's.
  2. K6LPM

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    Just recently received a set of gaming headphones my nephew retired from his XBox. I believe the brand is Astro and the model is A10. Just got off the air receiving the most glorious unsolicited audio reports. This headset actually has the type of muffs that actually cup over the ear and not the type that press against the ear. The cups are somewhat large and very roomy. I don't doubt that they would likely have no problem fitting over a ear with a external behind the ear hearing aid device. You might wish to check on something like this.
    Man these things are working great! Only negative is that they are large. But that is a feature that might be a good thing.
  3. ZL2CQ

    ZL2CQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    How do we do contests without spending an xtra $3k ?
    How about AU$10 - works fine - most will say it wont as you havn't spent the dollars .......... but then there is no need to say anything, the reports will justify the fun.
    If you do not require fully enclosed ear headset visit the PC Headset Department, alter your EQ to suit for the rag chew or more cut for contests - Cost (plus/minus) US$6 (AU$ / NZ$ 9 to 15).
    If you require full ear coverage & like the insert used in the old set, graft the mic piece on to a used set onto a set of Hitachi, Pioneer Se-305 headphones type, feed the mic lead down the centre of the curly cord or rewire the whole deal with broadcast quality mic lead, toroids both ends, I use XLR and shielded mic cable.
    Operating pull the RF gain back, Slow AGC, narrow up the Notch Filter, I use a 2.1kHz Filter.
    Treated me ok for the last 40 years, with great results.
    Paul - ZL2CQ / ZL1EL / ZM90DX SSB part

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