Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KW4GT, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. KW4GT

    KW4GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've been away from ham radio for about a dozen years, I just got active again a month or so ago. One 'new' thing I've heard is folks breaking in on an HF QSO with "contact"....I'd never heard that before (As I recall it used to be either "break" or just give your callsign). Where did "contact" come from?
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  2. KY5U

    KY5U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just idiot stuff the new hams bring from 2 meters. In their defense, they have no mentors except idiots on 2m.

    I have politely schooled dozens of hams about "break" and "contact". Just "throw" your call on the frequency. If they hear you they will answer. Don't interrupt a conversation with "I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation" and never for a "signal report". Wait until the subject dies out a little then get in. Just get right to the point of what you need. If they tell you they can't hear you, say 73 and get off. Don't talk for 5 minutes explaining why they can't hear you.

    CB was big on "hows my signal", the proverbial wingding size comparison. On amateur radio it's about conversation more and friendship. Leave your ding-a-ling in your pocket.
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  3. KK6NOH

    KK6NOH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I suspect people don't like to use BREAK in amateur radio because its similar to the cb lingo BREAKER BREAKER. There is a sort of stigma against cb folks in AR for some strange reason.
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  4. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    We have been over and over this there's nothing "strange" about it I'll try and keep it short it boils down to a mostly disciplined radio service, there are exceptions, objecting to the antics of those who came from radio service where concern for rules and regulations was at the bottom of the list there are other reasons.
  5. K4VLF

    K4VLF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    "Just idiot stuff the new hams bring from 2 meters."

    Yeah. If you don't use the right word, you will forever be an outcast. Give me a break.
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  6. WU8Y

    WU8Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Go ahead, K4VLF. ;-)
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  7. KK6NOH

    KK6NOH Ham Member QRZ Page


    still not seeing it

  8. WU8Y

    WU8Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Seriously, though, I have read about that on some HF nets and they tried to get that going on 2 m nets a few years ago in KC. They called it PROWORDS, but I'm not sure that's a correct use of the term.

    See, for example, http://www.mmsn.org/about-us/prowords.html
  9. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe this will help will give a shot .... my reply to a recent thread on no code and cats.
    The 11 meter issue is a separate one doubtful any opinions will change regardless here goes......Just finished reading new replies to this thread when listening to a conversation on 2 meters with one station telling the other station he was "giving him 2 pounds" now there's a ham phrase if ever there was one! Seems to me no one would know you were a previous 11 meter operator unless you made it known or unless you conducted your operating in a manner that would remove any doubt.

    It is difficult for some to understand that references to 11 meters by way of phrases operating practices etc are offensive to those who take pride in a disciplined hobby where it's participants mostly comply with the rules and regulations. Yes I know ham radio has it's share of bad operators that does not mean we need more of them.

    If you are a former operator of the 11 meter band and complied with all of the rules and regulations on that band there is every reason to expect you will do the same on the ham bands and you should be welcomed. For example did you limit your communications to 151 miles (recently changed) ? Limit transmissions to 5 minutes with a 1 minute break? Only operated on assigned channels? Operated at the legal power limit? The old and recently changed rules and regs are widely available if you want to take the time to do the research.
  10. N2SUB

    N2SUB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    BREAK is a PROWORD that means a break in text when reading a message, like passing traffic in an NTS or MARS net. I've also heard it in the context "Break with you" when an NCS is trying to communicate sequentially with multiple stations on a net. It's not really not meant to be used to join a QSO in progress, but everyone will know what you mean. :)

    I don't know when people started using CONTACT. Originally it was used in a net to inform the NCS that you wished to call another station that has checked in. Calls take priority over checkins. I've really never heard it used in that context however.....most stations call the NCS with "Request permission to call......". I was off the air for a while (2001 - 2008) and when I came back, there it was. I have always just given my call sign, but if you say CONTACT everyone will know what you mean too. :)

    On 80m, the usual response to any attempt to join a QSO is "GET OFF MY FREQUENCY". :p
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