Console radio Info exchange, Beitman's, etc...

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KB3MDB, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. KB3MDB

    KB3MDB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I didn't quite know where to post this, so here goes......

    I tinker with old console radios as a hobby. In particular Philco radios made during the war. You know, the ones with natural rubber wiring that always has to be replaced. Don't ask, it's sort of like therapy for me.

    I was wondering if anyone else out there also shares this obsession. I'm always on the look out for info regarding this stuff. Manuals, Schematics, advertisements, etc. If so maybe we could share some information.

    I recently came across all of Beitman's Radio Diagrams From 1926 to 1966 and The Complete Instruction Manual for Adjusting all Philco Radios Volumes 1 & 2 in electronic format.

    So if you need or have something that you think might be interesting let me know about it.
  2. W3JN

    W3JN Ham Member QRZ Page

    There's a great antique radios forum at

    Also all (I believe) Riders schematics are on the Nostalgia Air website.
  3. K9STH

    K9STH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Forget Beitman if you are really needing a lot of information. The 23 volume Rider's manuals are 100 times better. Fortunately, most of those schematics are available for free here on the Internet. Go to

    and you will find them.

    I have a complete set of Rider's including the abridged I-V and the Cunningham special edition of volume I. However, I just go to Nostalgia Air when I need a schematic and 99 percent of the time it is there.

    For some of the antique/vintage radios in my collection go to:

    My collection was recognized by the Smithsonian Institution a while back as one of 3 in the State of Texas that were listed.

    By the way, I do have a number of the Beitman volumes that were published on a yearly basis.

    Also, you may be interested in the two books by Morgan McMahon. They are "Vintage Radio" and "A Flick of the Switch". They both are out of print but can be found on Amazon and other used book outlets. Morgan also updated Ralph H. Langley's "Set Catalog and Index" to cover the entire period from 1921 until 1932. That book lists every known radio that was manufactured in the United States during the period. It is called "Radio Collector's Guide". Like the other 2 books, it is out of print. But, if you can "snag" a copy it is VERY useful.

    Glen, K9STH
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