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Connecting my Kenwood IF-232C to a Kenwood TS-930S

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Prop., Cluster, & Other Software' started by W4DWS, May 27, 2020.

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  1. W4DWS

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    I will be attempting to connect a Kenwood IF-232C to my Kenwood TS-930S. My question is this, my cable between the 232C and 930s terminates with a six pin. The radio remote connection is a seven pin. What must I do to interface the two devices.

    Thanks and 73

    Dennis, W4DWS
  2. W9GB

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    You have fallen into Technology History — Advancement Trap.
    Automobiles: Carburetors versus Fuel Injection
    Kenwood TS-930S HF Transceiver
    Reading your TS-930 Instruction Manual ... would have shown that Computer Control was NOT offered in this early 1980s HF transceiver.

    The Standard Digital Control Board, within the Kenwood TS-930S,
    DOES NOT support Remote Computer Control.
    The Kenwood TS-430 has the same issue. These Kenwood designs had hardware/mechanical controls — with minimal usage of micro-processor/software controls.
    Technology for Remote Computer Control was added by end of 1980s.
    Kenwood TS-440S (upgrade of TS-430); Kenwood TS-940S (upgrade of TS-930).

    PIEXX TS-930SE Enhanced Microprocessor Board : $279.00
    Upgraded Microprocessor Board Supports modern computer logging and radio control software. HOWEVER, Some TS-930 Controls are STILL Hardware Based (mechanical rotary switches), and CAN NOT be Read (Position) or Remotely Controlled by Computer !!

    The Kenwood IF-232C is NOT Required with PIEXX Board.
    REAR PANEL of Kenwood TS-930S
    SEE — NO 6-pin DIN ports for Inverted Serial u-processor interface.
    IF-232C was designed for Kenwood transceivers designed & manufactured after the mid-1980s — that have Option Installed to Activate the 6-pin DIN (ACC) on their rear panel (TS-711, TS-811, TS-940, TS-440). IF232C Manual.pdf
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