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  1. DD5RK

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    Solfeggio frequencies

    Frequency: 396 Hz. Corresponding syllable: UT queant laxis.
    Frequency: 417 Hz. Corresponding syllable: REsonare fibris.
    Frequency: 528 Hz. Corresponding syllable: MIra gestorum.
    Frequency: 639 Hz. Corresponding syllable: FAmuli tuorum.
    Frequency: 741 Hz. Corresponding syllable: SOLve polluti.
    Frequency: 852 Hz. Corresponding syllable: LAbii reatum.

    faith moves mountains ;-)

    I use 500 Hz for training and as side tone

    Perhaps I should change to 528 Hz:
    love frequency
    Transformation, DNA Healing, and Miracles

    Miracles help for head copy ;-)

    To create harmony with the universe and yourself: use the 852 Hz

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  2. K8PG

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    700-725 Hz.

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