Comparison of Heathkit "Dream Station" as new vs. adjusted for inflation

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W7UUU, May 17, 2017.

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  1. WD0BCT

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    I have to agree...I picked up an HW-16 and VFO just to relive my original Novice operating days. Now that I've done that I must say it sits on a shelf. I think the reason is largely due to the features of more current hardware. I have never purchased a vintage car just to relive my early days of driving but I can understand car buffs who do.

    Dave's comparison of orginal price and equivalent value in todays dollars is interesting. I wonder if one looked at what is available in recent technology for the same current dollar number and compared the functionality to the original Heathkits it would be a losing battle for the Heathkits. Technology marches onward. I'm afraid I like most of the recent technology.
  2. W7UUU

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    Totally relevant comments Ed. I truly get it. I have modern rigs (IC-7300, now in an SB-303 cabinet and relabeled for a short time as a Heathkit SB-7300 :D) and the 7300 is astounding. My FT-950 is a very capable rig, albeit somewhat lacking soul - but still a very very capable radio.

    But the thing with these old rigs is it's more like having an old sports car, with a Bosch mechanical fuel injector system (!), no power steering, no power brakes - and no ECUs to "throw codes" about what might be wrong with it - it's visceral, exciting, and pretty demanding for restoration maintenance. Plus, the old analog receivers like my SB-101 (transceiver of course) and SB-301 just seem to be more pleasant to my ears regarding impulse noise. The newer radios are astounding no question - but to my ears, the sounds I hear from the 101 or 301 are just "subjectively better" to my hearing.

    I have absolutely ZERO to say negative about modern radios or modern cars. But keeping my former 1986 Ferrari 328GTS running flawlessly for 9 years of ownership is very very different than a 2016 Toyota RAV 4. Very different animals, performing the same essential function (getting the driver and passenger from point A to point B), but worlds apart in so many other ways. To me it's like that with radios - the old ones can be challenging, finicky, hard and/or expensive to fix at times - but DELIGHTFUL to use because you were able to make them be that way, and know how to really make them perform

    When the 328GTS after nine years was no longer being used the way it was intended, it moved along to a new custodian.

    As will 100% of my Heath station(s) when they are no longer being used. But for now? In my shack - they "own the road" :)

    Make sense?

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