Commercial AM getting into a 2m repeater ?

Discussion in 'RFinderPi - Open Source radio interface based on R' started by KD0CAC, Feb 1, 2017.

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  1. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    If I had the exact location of the repeater (long/lat) I could pinpoint the closest AM transmitters. Show freq/pwr/main lobe of directional antennas. if that would help. There are many AM towers around the Minneapolis/St Paul area !!
  2. KD0CAC

    KD0CAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the offer , the ham that does maintenance on the system knows which station is the issue .
    I am on the board , but mainly using this issue as a learning platform , I learn more when something is wrong / not working , would love to go back to school for what I think I would like to learn , but at 63 , on disability , I can not afford to start a electrical engineering degree .
    I need another life time , I use my hobbies to learn & make a living and am happy with having made a living [ not a jack of trades ]
    at what ever interests me , construction residential / commercial , carpentry , electrical , plumbing .
    Auto repair with machining , computer / emissions diagnosis & repair , custom building race , mud / pull , my 1st welding class was in 8th grade .
    Gunsmithing as a result of competition shooting , again custom building combat arms & benchrest .
    Gold mining , underwater suction dredging no. Cal. , now doing precious metal recovery / recycling along with ham radio .
    And now RF because of ham radio , which only started 10 yrs. ago , my parents handed me a Heathkit catalog in about 1962 after going through almost everything that Tandy / Radio Shack had , but then off the military boarding school and no-one there was a ham so forgot all about it .
    Oh forgot , off-season , I do tower / antenna work for many clubs & hams in my area .
    Boy this thread took a turn in another direction ;)
  3. AH7I

    AH7I Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you are up to working full time. Look into county or state jobs to see if they offer tuition reimbursement. I work with a gal in her 60's who is working on a doctorate on the county dime. I completed an accelerated nursing degree in 2010. I was 57. There was one guy and a couple of gals in their 60's in the program. All are now employed as RNs. If you have a BS already, you should be able to find an EE program that you can complete in 5 or 6 semesters. Another option is a job at the university. A friend's husband went to work with the parking dept at Ga Tech. Tech reimburses tuition. He completed an EE and his only expense was books.

    For your noise problem. If you know the frequency of the AM station and you have any resonances in your install, you can find them with a portable radio. Signal strength will noticeably change when the portable radio is near the resonant element.

    73, -Bob ah7i/w4

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