Coil Under My Junker.

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by N8AFT, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's a straight key foible I didn't know existed before today.
    I obtained a FB Junker key on the base with the hinged cover.
    I immediately noticed it sounded like it had a dirty contact.
    Ran a strip of paper through and it removed some dirt.
    Re-adjusted and used again, seemed to be ok/better.
    Had the symptom return today so I dis-assembled it to find a coil of fine wire in a recess in the cast base.
    The coil is between the key contact and positive key line terminal.
    I installed a strip of mag wire acrossed it and the raspyness is now absent.
    Why did Heir Junker add this coil?
    Signed; Clueless in Columbus.
  2. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Click suppression.
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  3. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thought that was done with an .01 cap. (?)
  4. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's not a law! ;) And I didn't say that it works. shrug.
  5. N3HEE

    N3HEE Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Naw, it obviously didn't work vy well, hi hi. Working as it should now being shorted acrossed.
    The NC 2nd contact was a nice touch esp if using a Drake 2B with the gnd for rx mute line. Instant QSK.
    Didn't see refferrece to this coil when I read Marshall's article first time, will re-ck..
    TNX fer replies! VY 73 Lane de n8aft
  7. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    On the old cathode keyed transmitters I liked to use an Audio Choke in series with the keyed line to keep clicks supressed .
  8. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    TNX fer tip John!

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