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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Clubs' started by K6LCS, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. K6LCS

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    I have spoken to more than 50 clubs the past three or so years. As I prepare my presentations,
    I always go online and research the clubs. I want to see how they are "marketing" themselves ...

    Only two clubs in my region (Southern California) that I have encountered have actually prepared
    and sent to there membership a "customer/client survey" - a document/questionnaire asking for
    input FROM the membership of what they expect from their club.

    And to be successful (in ANYone's definition of "successful") - one must know what is expected FROM
    the club leadership ... as well as what is to be expected from the members.

    Which brings me to the Radio Society of Great Britain's recent project ...

    They have well-defined what their membership is, and what they expect from leadership. We ALL can
    learn from what they have done. It can be as simple as a membership mass-email message of,
    "What can WE do for YOU?" ...

    Clint Bradford, K6LCS
  2. K6LCS

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    >> ... sent to there membership ...

    That's "... their membership ... " - of course.

  3. KA7O

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    We tried something similar about a year ago.

    Received exactly 2 responses - one very good, the other good - from 2 folks that are more active as individuals than in the club. Some good info!

    Considering it went out to about 30 folks - the response was a tad, under-whelming.
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