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Chirp, RT Systems, Mac Catalina, Icom 880H

Discussion in 'OS: Mac OS' started by KE5KTU, Feb 25, 2020.

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  1. KE5KTU

    KE5KTU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello !
    I am running a Mac Book pro with Catalina
    I have a RT systems cable for the icom 880-H
    RT Systems did a remote session and installed the drivers for the RT systems cable
    Apple Care did a remote session and helped me install Chirp with eh Python runtime

    This is what will work :
    Chirp opens and I can select the RT systems Cable when I tell Chirp to read from the radio

    What does not work: Chirp throws up a " problem reading from radio" and the radio never does anything. It doesn't beep, chirp, no bar pops up, nothing.
    I tried writing to the 880H and that does not work either.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  2. W1ROU

    W1ROU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hey Jacob,
    That usually means its a comm port issue, ICOM does have free software you can download from their site, I have the orange RT cable I use on all my ICOM rigs, 880H. 5100 and my 51a it works on all of them. I have not tried Chirp with any of them as I bought RT for 880 and 5100. Try comm port and try the Icom software if you can. I might still have the zip file if you cant find it let me know.
  3. K1SZO

    K1SZO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have RT Systems (for my Kenwood TM-71A) and Chirp for my cheap HTs, but I do not use the same USB cable for both. I know the RT Systems comes with a specific RT Systems cable has a chip it in that they use, I have not tried to use it with Chirp. It might not work due to some proprietary chip in the cable, but that is only an assumption at this point.

    I could test this when I get home, but I just wanted to point out that, that could be part of the issue.

    If you end up needing another USB cable, make sure you buy a real one and not a cheap Chinese knockoff as regular cables have chips in them too that the knockoffs do not replicate very well. I know Windows can have problems with those, but I'm not sure about Macs.

    Good luck!
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