Chinese Conterfeit Components

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by WA1UIL, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. WA1UIL

    WA1UIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hams and Experimenters Beware! I just went round and round with a EBay seller in China named " alice1101983" trying to get my money back for some RF power FETS that were clearly counterfeit. Original Mitsubishi FETS have the Source on the mounting tab. These had the Drain connected to the tab. Even when connected in circuit correctly with jumpers , they produced little power and drew a lot of current. When I demanded a refund they kept replying with very poor English scripted replies promoting " Good Communication" I kept demanding the refund and they finally said that if I returned them they would issue a 'partial' refund. Postage from China is Government subsidized and is very cheap for them. Our shipping to them was almost twice the cost of the order.
    Here's how I got my money back: First off it's against Postal International Regulations to ship anything KNOWLINGY counterfeit out of the U.S.A. And if you Read the fine print of Ebay's policies covering buyers, it said that if the Seller demands the item be returned before a refund is issued, the SELLER has to provide the buyer with a return label with postage and tracking affixed. Once I told them to provide the label, they issued a refund. Ebay won't do much of anything about counterfeit items because they would loose revenue. Once a buyer stuck with counterfeit crap sees the return postage costs they usually just chock it up to education. THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE CHINESE ARE HOPING FOR !!!!! Remember, the prices are low because it's probably crap! BUY from CHINA ONLY if your willing to loose the money. Yes you may get some decent stuff sometimes but. Buyer Beware!! 73's. Frank
  2. KF5FEI

    KF5FEI Ham Member QRZ Page

    We've had what I think are counterfeit chips show up from the "surplus" sellers here in the U.S. There are companies who claim to locate and resell production left-overs, obsolete, etc... for people needing a quantity of parts between one-sie two-sie and full reels. We get way more rejects from these sellers than if the boss actually buys parts from legit sources. Grrr....
  3. AI6KX

    AI6KX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm almost in full agreement Frank. I find the non-electronic stuff from China pretty good value though.

    I had a similar lousy seller who sent me a DOA frequency synthesizer module and then just stonewalled and lied about sending a refund or a replacement. I had (stupidly) left good feedback before trying the module - can't remember why I did that. I went through similar "return" BS. Just for the record, it was power116. This went on for 3 months!

    But here's how I got the refund eventually - I bought another (cheap) item from him and left negative feedback. He instantly started begging me to change the feedback. I reminded him he owed me $15, and lo and behold I had a Paypal refund that night. I was given about 10 days by eBay to change the feedback and needless to say I enjoyed waiting to the end and letting him ask me a ten times more, just like I did with him. Very satisfying....
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  4. WA1UIL

    WA1UIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi, btw, as soon as I received the refund for the fake RF FETS ,EBay wouldn't let me leave any feedback on the seller issuing the refund. But I like the way you did it. Best 73. Frank
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  5. WB5THT

    WB5THT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Probably 99.99% of power FETs sold by a Chinese eBay seller are counterfeit.
  6. WB7OXP

    WB7OXP Ham Member Volunteer DX Helper QRZ Page

    i have a small mountain of irf954o fets if thats what you want. pm sent
  7. W2VW

    W2VW Ham Member QRZ Page

    It would be nice to have a database of genuine 3 legged fuse sellers for people doing repairs.
  8. KE0EYJ

    KE0EYJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Another kind of chips, but I'm pulling my hair out over finding real chips for my CAT cable connector. I've purchased two different "low cost" CAT cables that were "sure to work" and had reviews stating such. They don't. These has a counterfeit FTDI chip, which Windows 10 no longer allows, or makes it a mental pretzel to enable.

    Now, I'm spending the money on a $35 CAT connector from a reputable company.
  9. WA1UIL

    WA1UIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did the same thing with a "Genuine" FTDI Cable to use HDSDR with my X1M transceiver . Finally spent $30 and it worked. YES we need a data base but USA sellers can just pass on what they get from China. Like I said before, EBay doesn't give a rats ass cuz they'll loose revenue.
  10. AH7I

    AH7I Ham Member QRZ Page

    With over 60 orders filled, I have been 100% satisfied with my electronic components and parts purchases from small Chinese companies doing business through Aliexpress. Key to satisfaction is asking questions and not expecting something for nothing. If a particular vendors part, FTDI for example, is required, confirm with the vendor before ordering. I like the Prolific USB to serial part. It's very cheap, it works, and the documentation and drivers are good. I converted a $0.90 USB to serial adapter using the Prolific chip to work with K1MM logger as a keyer for my TenTec 599 and all it took was bridging two pins on the chip.

    Interesting kits show up on Aliexpress too. I bought an AM BCB radio kit that has 3 IF stages and push-pull audio using transformer coupling for under $6 including shipping.

    Have fun!

    73, -bob ah7i

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