Cheap/Free Drafting Software Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by W4HAY, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. W4HAY

    W4HAY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm looking for inexpensive/free "plain-Jane" software for drawing schematics and doing panel/chassis/PCB layouts. The files it produce should be in a readily-viewed format, such as .jpg, etc. IOW, something I can attach to a post on this BB and anyone can view.

    Any suggestions?
  2. KB1LQC

    KB1LQC Guest

    I am not sure about a jpg output ( I have taken screen shots) but I haven't used it enough to know if the option is there. 5Spice at seems to be really nice. Also, EasyPCB or express PCB might be good for PCB layout... I am not quite sure if I fully answered your questiong because I am not that familiar with the ins-and-outs of these pieces of software.
  3. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It won't do PCB layout, but for schematics you can't beat ICAP4. The free eval version is...FREE....and it has about 99% of the functionality of the full-blown big buck version. I've used it for ages.

    (Plus the Spice engine it runs is fantastic.)
  4. WY6K

    WY6K Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use 5Spice if it is a small circuit and Express Schematic (from Express PCB) for more extensive circuits. I believe it is free.
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