Changes to Australian amateur radio licence conditions

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK3YE, Sep 25, 2019.

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  1. VK3VM

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    In the UK leglslation etc. this terminology is used - but I believe that measurement distances may cited (somewhere). The best guess of many very competent colleagues of mine that I have been talking with is that EVERY Amateur will now need a good, calibrated Field Strength meter.... ;-)

    Nowhere in the Foundation, Standard or Advanced syllabi are these concepts referred to... Therefore we have a skills gap in the 10,000 +- 100 individuals (yes there are only 10,000 of us... fact) that have licenses in Australia and what has just become regulation !


    The ACMA appear to be like blind sheep and just roll-over what OFCOM does in The UK. All these changes mirror OFCOM standards i.e. why we only will ever have 400W .... Unless (see last para....)

    If you have concerns regarding the Omnibus Legislation, its content, and/or perceived competency of those that worked on and composed the document you have a right to complain to The ACMA or Minister ... and you should. These forums just go around and around in circles. If you just sit on your hands nothing ever gets fixed. All that happens is that we lose spectrum ....

    The same goes for Amateurs of any other nation that do not like something.

    There is no point bitching and whining on social media - this just destroys souls and saps enjoyment of what we do. Get of your butts and actually do something about it ! Pen an email to your regulator or your parliamentary rep ! One entity raising issues in formal circles is written off in the Sir Humphrey Appleby of "Yes Minister" playbook as a nutter; many raising concerns formally - well that becomes a problem that needs to be investigated. A torrent of expressions of concern - well that creates change. It also makes bureaucrats wary of making change.


    Steve I
    VK3VM / VK3SIR

    Ps: Email me if you need contacts !
  2. VK3VM

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    I admit to have put in a position of not being in favor of the granting of digital to Foundation licensees - with the main reason cited in my submission to keep the drive and urge to learn and upgrade alive in the majority (see my long submission on The ACMA site). I was in favor of relaxing the construction issue but not completely to the extent that has occurred as I can foresee that the first kid with a F-call that electrocutes themselves playing with AC will lead to knee-jerk media coverage that will lead to the demonisation and further destruction of Amateur Radio and its reputation in this country.

    Its not a case if IF it happens ... its a case of when.

    Some decisions are made by regulators with short vision; often decisions are made strategically .... and I suggest that the construction decision is more strategic (from an informed position) for the reasons that I have identified ....

    Frankly Amateur Radio has no friends "at court" (i.e. in Government) as we just make noise, play badly with each other and we do not bring in revenue !

    Tough decisions that all do not necessary like or recommend have been made. We need to take our hats off and congratulate the ACMA for actually making decisions and regulating ! These decisions now MUST embraced - and I will FULLY embrace it as should all Amateurs - not just in Australia - but world wide. Yes I have been snapping back via back-channels at a few arrogant sods among our ranks that were "QRA'ing" the F-calls on 40m last night.... And subsequently I have posted on the WSJT-X Developers forums experiences that I observed and have not had by head bitten off by Joe or Bill with regards to constructive changes to their suites that are required to simply and transparently support our F-calls.

    Constructive acts is what we must all undertake. We must embrace the change - "seize the day" as the expression goes. Work with it ...

    As I stated in the previous post if we are not happy with decisions made we must convey our displeasure - with well constructed communication providing evidence and reasoning - to those that administer the agencies or to policy and oversight Departments. That way improvements can be made; noise also provides arguments inside agencies for better resourcing .....

    Sitting on our hands and waiting for the person named "someone else" to do something will KILL AR.

    And on the subject of sitting on your hands, more need to take your example actively and get out there and do things - get off keyboards and work actively with other Amateurs (and especially F-calls). Take them under your wings. As an assessor I have never let any of the 3-400-odd candidates go that I have assessed.; all are either still under or are welcome at any time under my wings !

    More Amateurs need to get off their buts and off keyboards and actually work AR. More amateurs need to get off their butts and work with others - and even if that is just WORKING others on the bands.

    On that subject I am going to work some FT8 on 20m and when the propagation dies I'm going to find some F-calls on 40m !

    73, and enough from me.

    Steve I
    VK3VM / VK3SIR (and keep up the GREAT work Peter ... and for those out there not familiar with him please Google VK3YE)
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  3. VK2WP

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    At least now Foundation calls can build their own equipment which will should give greater interest rather than just sitting in front of the ubiquitous black box.

    As for youngsters getting electrocuted plenty of us played around with old mains powered valve radios and the like and are still alive.

    Hopefully there will be supervision and guidance, there are plenty of battery powered kit radios and other projects for those wanting to build their own gear.

    Good opportunity for radio clubs to get some of the younger members building simple kit radios and getting on air.
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  4. G4OBB

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  5. NU4R

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    Ya'll had a QSO with my XYL.....ain'y cha???
  6. VK3VM

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    There is a common theme starting to bubble up here ... hmmmm ... and its identification and concern how we as Amateurs "play" with each other ....
  7. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You know what Michael, when i started in ham radio 5 years ago, i set myself, as an fcall some goals. One of those goals was to build a home brew rig that I would want to use more often than the black box. It took me 5 years. I actually have something i want to use and probably wont.

    To be honest i cannot see myself remaining in the hobby much longer at all. For now I am a home brewer only and that is it. My care factor of wanting to talk with anyone on the radio other than a few friends is ZERO.

    Why you may ask, well without going into all my back story which includes such wonderful things as being accused of being a pirate numbers station, running Kilo Watts from a 4w cw transceiver and having videos made about me being the cause of the destruction of the hobby, the real clincher came the other day when i got a new receiver. Connected it to an antenna, tuned around 40m in the afternoon to play with its settings and get it sounding nice, so i could then connect my homebrew transmitter to it and make some qso's. Within 10mins of tuning around 40, I listening to misogyny, sexism, homophobia, racism f-call bashing and other assorted hate coming from 2 letter advanced calls who have been hams for years.

    I do not identify with these people, i do not relate to these people, I do not like these people. So why the hell would i bother doing anything with these people? If these I have been a ham for 30 years or more types with their 2 letter calls are the pinnacle of what this hobby has to offer, then its a hobby i can do without. The local Brisbane UHF CB repeater has less hateful people on it. And yet we are meant to be better than CB, you know what, i think we are in fact worse.

    And yes, I home brewed as an F-call, i learned CW as an f-call and i know of others that have done the same and upgraded as i have. What is missing is not that f-calls are interested, is that the so called experienced guys are all black box operators who would not give anyone the time of day. My elmer was GOOGLE. I am sure yours had a name and a call sign. The backward slide has not been because f-call is a cornflakes packet license, the backward slide is that there are no people of integrity for f-calls to look up to, to aspire to be like and to emulate. When there is no one worth respecting, why bother? Who is the Harry Angel, Keith Roget or John Moyle of our time, who is the Drew Diamond showing newbies what home brewing is all about? Where are the leaders? They just dont exist. And that is the problem with his hobby in Australia and it is sad.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  8. N4GKS

    N4GKS Ham Member QRZ Page

    10 watts on HF?
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  9. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nothing you really have to decipher. I spend 20 mins yesterday on google and worked out how to do the math to calculate the spectral density of a signal.

    This gives a pretty good overview on it:
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  10. VK6HIL

    VK6HIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    The amount of sheer hate and abuse that's thrown at F-calls from some [not all] of the 2 letter call sign master race is something else.
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