Chameleon Hybrid-Micro & a Homebrew 64:1 antenna in the Oregon Wilderness K6UDA Radio Episode 56

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K6UDA, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. K6UDA

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    I'm up in the Oregon Wilderness with little to no infrastructure testing out my home built 64:1 transformer and a Chameleon Hybrid-Micro with a CHA Mil Whip. both worked but the CHA Hybrid-Micro let me tune my new Icom IC-7300 on 80 Meters and worked really nice at night. I also got a tour of the Rouge Valley Manor Ham Radio operating station. An incredible setup with two HF Yagi Antennas up 10 stories high. You also get to meet the man responsible for introducing me to the world of Ham Radio. Wanna build your own 64:1 Transformer? The link to that video is in the description.

    EP 56 Oregon Antenna test.jpg
  2. ZL1PDT

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    Nice Bob,
    Not see the link to 64:1 looks you had to good time new antennas and Radio may be we let you of this time, 73, Pieter,ZL1PDT
  3. K6UDA

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    The link to the build video is in the youtube description and in the information ballon in the video. You have to click on the video while its playing to get over to youtube. K6UDA
  4. W6APX

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    Very nice place out in the country!
  5. W6ERM

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    bob what antenna analyzer is that.
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  6. K6UDA

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    SARK 110 from steppir
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