Catalonia National Blind & Handicapped Ham radio Operators Society - Barcelona

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Clubs' started by EA3RKR, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. EA3RKR

    EA3RKR Ham Member QRZ Page

    A.R.M.I.C (EA3RKR)

    We Test for all classes of Licenses every month.
    Anyone interested in "HAM" Radio is Welcome.

    Many services for hams, specialy for blinds & handicapped hams.

    All station it´s adapted with tiflotecnology for his,
    mostly specific way, as there are no commercially such adaptations.

    At this time the official call-sign for the Radio School of Association is EA3RKR.

    Some services for members it´s:

    Radio Archive
    Tiflotecnico Advice
    Advice and Application Configuration
    Legal Advice
    ARIES Bulletin
    Bulletin ARMIC
    Membership card
    Diplomas Certificates
    Review Classes
    Discount on various activities (dinners, etc ...)
    Discounts and promotions at various facilities.
    Adaptive Radio Station (currently editing)
    Adapted Portable Radio Station
    PC workstation adapted tifl
    Granting of diplomas Station
    Technical Brochures Audio format
    Web forums to discuss the hobby and disability
    Technical brochures in electronic form
    Local Meetings
    Technical manuals Audio format
    Material Tiflotecnico
    Merchandising ARMIC
    News Tiflotecnicas
    Participation in activities
    Special indicative Participation
    Special QSL
    Radio specialist magazines in audio format
    Specialized magazines Daisy radio format
    Specialized magazines in Braille radio (on request)
    Several magazines in audio format
    Several magazines in Braille format (upon request)
    Meeting rooms
    Segurenginy Seguros (Safe Engineers)
    Processing documentation
    Using the direct guidance of Radio Club
    Cultural Tours

    The station and the offices of the School of Radio and the Association are located in modern, brand new building ONCE, in the heart of the city of Barcelona, near the main police station in district of the regional police force.

    All units have the same amenities as possible and are fully adapted, has been taken into account in their design that could be fully accessible for blind as independently as possible, from the architectural designs of the building, such as soil material of plants of the building to prevent glare to people with low vision, as the technical aspects of the station.

    If you are traveling in Barcelona, or are planning to come and visit to the city and want to visit the facilities, please contact us for access to the facilities is necessary to pass a security check.

    The normal frequency VHF members of the Association and who is always at the station QRV ARMIC s official 144 550 Mhz.

    Currently the President of A.R.M.I.C. Manel is EA3EJA Dotu Pascual, and its Secretary-Emili Llopart EA3FTW Carrasco.

    Usually the hours are Saturdays from 15H (EA).

    Pair any contact may write to: ea3rkr ((@))

    A.R.M.I.C can search among other networks:

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