Capacitors and Resistors

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W7VAQ, Oct 22, 2021.

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  1. W7VAQ

    W7VAQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi all! I have a simple question: I have finally gotten able to start re-capping my good tube radios and transmitters (SX-28, CE 100v and the like). What brand and line of resistors. caps and electrolitics would you use to last? These are all my own, how can I put this, one stroke down and I don't the wife to have to fool with them.

    Thanks guys, Mike
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  2. WB5THT

    WB5THT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Panasonic for electrolytic caps. Order from Mouser or Digi-Key to avoid the Chinese junk.
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  3. AE1N

    AE1N Ham Member QRZ Page

    B.Couldn't Resistor.jpg

    ---Layne AE1N
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  4. KI4ZNV

    KI4ZNV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Buy electrolytics rated for 105C operation. If you use the digikey search gadget, you can see an estimate life span and pick the longest one as well. For radials I like the various Panasonic ones (being sure to get 105C types), and for radials I like the old Rifa ones which are now sold by Kemet in the PEG series. Digikey carries Panasonic and I know Mouser stocks the PEG Kemets.

    For resistors, I tend to buy the Yageo 1/2 watt carbon films when I need new ones, but I have a large enough collection of 1/2 watt 2% RCA resistors that I have not had to buy many.
  5. KW4H

    KW4H Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Other than the big-name sellers (e.g. Mouser), there are two or three places I buy capacitors and resistors. Some of them also offer large resistor and capacitor kits that are very cost-effective in the long run:

    1. Sal's Capacitor Corner (
    2. Just Radios (
    3. Antique Electronic Supply (

    As far as the brands go -- it's not so much what to buy, but what to avoid. Almost any new electronic component purchased off of eBay and Amazon are sure to be low-quality garbage. Don't be lured by the low prices there. If you need a precision-level component, however, I'd stick with Mouser or Digi-Key.

    73 - Steve, KW4H
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