Can't post in Swapmeet forum?

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by MURPHY625, Sep 6, 2018.

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  1. MURPHY625

    MURPHY625 QRZ Member

  2. AB3TQ

    AB3TQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is a forum for hams. Are you a licensed ham yet? If / when your forum name becomes a ham call, you can enjoy the privileges of the site. Until then you have the quite limited privileges of a guest.
  3. MURPHY625

    MURPHY625 QRZ Member

    Well that's unfortunate. Callsigns are public information and I don't post personally identifying information in very public internet places. Have some crazy person track your home and family down one time and it tends to change one's attitude about stuff like that.

    I just read through the terms and conditions, the about-us, and several other pages, and I can't find anywhere which says I need to post a call sign in order to get access to the swap meet forums or anything else.
    That said, I have no problems with the admins wanting to "verify" me and would be happy to provide them with whatever information they would like so long as its not made publicly available. This could likely be resolved with a single phone call if the admins wanted.

    I don't require access, I just wanted to leave some nice feedback for the seller. The guy sent me a very nice radio for a very good price, that deserves good feedback, if that's not possible, well then.. I tried my best.

    Thank you for your reply, hopefully there's an alternative verification process.
  4. WG7X

    WG7X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    From the "FAQ" on QRZ:

    General User Account Rules The following general rules apply to QRZ user accounts.
    • One account per person
    • One account per email address
    • Registrants must be individuals, not clubs
    • A callsign user name is required for database access
    • No profane or indecent user names
    • Impersonation, fraudulent postings, pirate activities will be dealt with by hanging.
    Below is only opinion from a long term QRZ user:

    If you are an Amateur radio licensee, your info is in the public domain. Those of us that have been licensed realize that and usually it is no problem. Wanting to be anonymous on this website has led to problems in the past. Most of the worst trolls on web sites like this one are the ones who hide behind a "screen name".

    Not implying that you would do that, but it is a fact that full access to this particular web site is determined by you telling us who you are. QRZ has another full section detailing privacy on the site. If you still feel that you cannot agree to the terms that the rest of us already adhere to; well that's your choice. I dare say that most of us, not all, but most like it this way.

    My experiences on other ham radio sites has tended to reinforce my belief that screen names or other alias use tend to lead to abuse.

    I do not speak for QRZ, only for myself.

    73 and I remain Gary WG7X and proud of it.

    After thirty plus years as a ham operator, having my call sign info be public has never been an issue. If I manage to continue to operate my station and myself in a proper manner, it will still not be a problem. Any desire to remain in hiding smells like citizens band: and we all know what that means, right?
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  5. AB3TQ

    AB3TQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is the Community Help Center forum. You are addressing regular users of the site who do not have any special management powers. While I feel that everything you were told is correct, NONE OF IT CAME FROM AN OFFICIAL QRZ SOURCE. I have brought this thread to the attention of QRZ management, asking them to respond with an official response.

    Do you safeguard your NAME and your HOME ADDRESS equally? A ham can't hide their name (is a nickname acceptable?), but they can hide their home address with a PO Box. Note that the ULS keeps a record of your last address, so you would need to get a PO Box, and then change to a different PO Box Number to effectively shield your home address from potential public exposure through the ULS.
  6. MURPHY625

    MURPHY625 QRZ Member

    I totally agree with the whole "anonymity allows jerks" philosophy and I understand it might restrict my access. Not my website, not my rules.

    I really don't want to be a pain in the rear end.. I just wanted to leave positive feedback in the comments for the gentleman who sold me the radio at the really good price. $100 including shipping for what looks like a brand new Yaesu FT2900R..
    Perhaps the admin would be willing to post a positive comment for me.. that would be just fine.

    I like this website and will continue shopping the swap meet forum.. if I can't post then I can't post..

    Thanks for the help and thank you to AB3TQ for bringing it to the website admin's attention. If they don't want to allow me, I totally understand.
  7. AA7BQ

    AA7BQ QRZ Founder Administrator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think that it's to the satisfaction of the vast majority of our members that we restrict access to certain parts of the site to licensed amateur radio operators. Your quest for anonymity is going along the wrong track. Number one on your list should be to file an update with the FCC with an address that is "safe", as in a PO BOX. Otherwise, your real physical location is available to anyone anywhere who hears your call sign, regardless of QRZ.

    Our number one concern for the swapmeet is fraud prevention. We feel that the first step in this task is to allow only those users who have properly identified themselves to the community.

    And now, some opinion:

    Personally, I've grown weary of those who fear the proverbial "crazy person who will track you down and kill you and your family" problem. First, if a crazy is after you then its probably your fault. I've been doing this for 30 years (5 years longer than QRZ) and although I've certainly pissed off a few people, none have come a-knocking. If they do, they will get to test Arizona'a Stand Your Ground laws. I would not recommend that.

    Now I'm not advocating violence or threatening anyone. I doubt that I'll ever need to physically defend myself and that's because I've just found so many darn good ways to defuse nearly any situation. The first, and most effective way of course is to simply walk away. I also refuse to argue with idiots. Not arguing with an idiot is a WIN - trust me on that. When you get huffy and puffy in a public forum, and refuse to disengage in the face of increasing escalation, then you are asking for it and you should bolt your doors.

    Mentally, I tend to lump all hams who seek to hide their identity for the fear of "crazy's knocking at their door" as conspiracy theorists. Right or wrong, that's just how I feel. You can choose to live your life in fear and apprehension, or you can be polite, forgiving, and tolerant while maintaining a clear view towards which fights are worth fighting. Hint: few of them (online) are.
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  8. KA3QOT

    KA3QOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm a ham - KA3QOT - which is my user name. Why am I getting "I have insufficient privileges" when trying to reply in the forum?
  9. KA3QOT

    KA3QOT Ham Member QRZ Page

  10. KA3QOT

    KA3QOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    And I just imported my LOTW certificate and it installed properly. Why am I still not allowed to post?

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