Can someone please help me manually program a baofeng for repeater use..i have the parameters

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KINGPIN, Nov 2, 2020.

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    KINGPIN QRZ Member

    Can someone please help me manually program a baofeng for repeater use..i have the parameters

    Thank you

  2. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Model ?

    KINGPIN QRZ Member

    UV 5R
  4. W5UAA

    W5UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    This should help.

    For best results, Do not tell anyone that you are using a Baofeng, You will get better radio reports. ;)

    Do not engage the Alarm Button, Or You will blow your cover. :oops:

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  6. KC3PBI

    KC3PBI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Most of the trick is in being in VFO mode, tuned to the repeater output, with the ^ cursor on the upper (VFO A) line.

    Then set the offset, the tones, and any other details that this repeater requires.

    Once you've got everything in, you can test it while it is still a live setting on VFO A.

    If you are certain it is correct, go to MENU, go to #27, and enter the number of the EMPTY memory slot you wish to use. hit the MENU button again to save. If you have the voice prompts on, it will say it is 'transmitting' meaning sending the live details into memory.

    Then you can flip back to memory mode with the orange key and you should be in business.

    I've found that it's actually pretty useful to let people know right up front that I'm using a Baofeng. Most people don't care, and those who do care tend to be folks I was never going to get along with anyway, so it's been a useful timesaver.

    I do wish the alarm button could be repurposed or disabled, that's easy to agree on.
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  7. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can do that under the Advanced Tab in Chirp. If your radio firmware version allows it.
  8. KC3PBI

    KC3PBI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hmm, maybe I don't have that firmware? I just looked, CHIRP gives me access to the same feature as built in menu #32, AL MODE. I can set it between TONE (play siren on air) SITE (noisemaker in my hand, no TX) or CODE (play ??? on air)

    I set mine to SITE ages ago, just so it wouldn't make annoying noises for anyone else. But this is directly accessible from the keypad, so it leaves me wondering if there is a different method for disabling the key. I notice that I can disable the FM broadcast receiver, which is also accessed by the same button. Perhaps that's what you meant?
  9. KN4QFR

    KN4QFR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Chirp is the way to go. I use it for Baofeng and TYT. Makes it very easy to program for repeaters and copy over to other radios. I travel and have programmed my radios with repeaters grouped by locale. I also program the FRS and GMRS frequencies for emergency use.
  10. K7CRL

    K7CRL Ham Member QRZ Page

    We run GT-3TP models, which program like a UV5R, but have some improvements in tx, rx, and especially the manual. UV5R manual was so bad that folks wrote their own to share, as you saw a few posts back.

    Still, I don't do programming on the keypad. My sperg son does, and I have before I got the needed cable, but CHIRP is so much easier. It's also free. Did I mention that it costs nothing? If you can use Excel, you can use CHIRP. Explore all the tabs in CHIRP for more fun.

    There's a hack for the cable if the radio won't connect. Trim 1/16" of plastic off the cable where it contacts the side of the radio, so both plugs seat fully. That might be for the GT-3 models only, not sure. We've never run the UV5R but a bud has several and is bringing them over for me to clone them some day soon. FYI

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