BYLARA Conference - October, 2016

Discussion in 'The YL Zone' started by F4WBW, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. F4WBW

    F4WBW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Allstar is new to me, but I'll check it out and see.

    DH is a super techie - and we've been making our living these last 20 or so years as computer techies. (Well, he's the techie, I do the beancounting and other "back room" stuff.) He had the fldigi stuff all set up just fine (with simple login and password) but I was using the wrong login. (Password was right, but the login was wrong.) The nice thing, though, is that in doing my due diligence on his surgery, I kept running into the notion that "forgetfulness" or "loss of memory" could be a side effect during his recovery. Though he may still feel like he's been run over by a cement truck, he's still sharp as a tack when it comes to my "gee, why won't it work" questions. Figure my "testing" of his memory is doing him a world of good.
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  2. KC9ZHV

    KC9ZHV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lol..... Yea Mark runs circles around me some times in php and mysql i really wish i could learn what he knows.. Some times i feel so dumb around him even though i have the upper hand in java config scripts and asterisks configuration.. I had a computer repair shop in our area however I got injured while working at another job i had.. Unfortunately at this point im stuck with a walker and and a bad shoulder with tons of physical therapy.. I am glad that the surgery didn't affect his memory ! I am thinking about joining the group only because i feel i should try to be a part of the small community of women out their and show my support.. Their is soooo many guys in ham radio but very few women get involved. I guess I really never thought about it when i went to take my test.. I would say about 98% of the conversations i have had on the air ways were with guys.. How about in your area is their more yl's on the air ??
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  3. F4WBW

    F4WBW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Other than the weekly YL QSO here (on Saturday mornings at a kind of inconvenient time), I've only bumped into one YL on the air - and she was in the UK. France probably has a smaller proportion of YLs than the US does - by quite a bit. I heard someone say that there are about 700 French YLs in total - out of about 14,000 hams in France. But just recently they reduced the number of French hams to 12,000, so I have to believe that some of the YLs have given up, too. The French YL group has only just got started - they were a sort of informal group for a while, but now we're a real registered "association" (big deal legally here) thanks to F4DHQ/Sophie.

    The issue here really does seem to relate to the regulation. There is one big test (which is why I had to pass all three US tests before I could claim a French call sign under CEPT) and annual license fees (of 46€). Tried to follow the French ham training, but apparently they teach math really differently here (I was in AP math in high school but never did "get" calculus) and also tend to approach the theoretical techie stuff in isolation rather than explaining where and how the formulas and all apply. Was just about to give up when I found out they now give the US exams here in France and elsewhere in Europe. If it hadn't been for that, I probably would never have gotten my license!
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  4. KC9ZHV

    KC9ZHV Ham Member QRZ Page

    So can a US license work in france??? I am now curious I generally don't make it out of the country anymore but I thought the fcc licenses was only good in the US and our islands..
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  5. F4WBW

    F4WBW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The FCC license is only good for the US - however, with a valid FCC license, you can apply for a "reciprocal" call sign to operate in France if you're resident here (like I am). It took a bit of doing, since they insist that you "prove" your residence address and the house and all the utilities are in DH's name. But actually the folks in the office that handles this were quite nice on the phone and we ultimately got it done. Technically, I have a US license and now have been issued a French call sign. For those over here just for a holiday, they can transmit on their US call as long as they add the prefix and suffix (F/KC1DNI/M or P). But officially, you can't use the prefix and suffix thing unless you have an Extra or Advanced license, since France only has one license class and doesn't recognize a General license from the US.

    Apparently this works all over Europe under the CEPT thing - though it varies according to the license classes in the various countries.
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  6. KC9ZHV

    KC9ZHV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well Thank you I have learned so much!!! I had no idea!! I figured I would have to get a license in each country or some thing..
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  7. M0HZT

    M0HZT Ham Member QRZ Page

    yes its gong to be a lot of fun, looking forward to meeting you all, and we have a special special call sign so if you wan to operate with this call... you can...
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  8. MI0YLT

    MI0YLT Ham Member QRZ Page

    no cant make it :( but wish we could looks like its going to be really good fun, great to see you on here please tell all the YLs about this forum thanks
  9. F4WBW

    F4WBW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just back from the IYL Conference in Milton Keynes - and what a marvelous time it was!!! We visited Bletchley Park and Woburn Abbey, and then attended the RSGB conference at the weekend. What a great experience! Made loads of new friends (hi Jenni!) and after several months away from the radio, have worked up new enthusiasm and lots of new ideas for getting back on the air (once I've got the laundry and other chores done that piled up in my absence). We had something like 40 participants from 8 or 10 different countries (including the US and Australia).

    All my thanks to Carol 2E1RBH and all those who organized this wonderful event - as well as to all who attended (YLs and OMs alike). As a newbie to the radio (at least in hands-on mode) I couldn't have had a better time. We must do it again real soon - or maybe meet up again at the Scandinavian YL do next year.
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