Buyer wants full "partial" refund and...

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by KL5A, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    I gave the reasons in each one why it wasn't tested before I paid for it. I vote for better reading comprehension and less conspiracy theories.

    As I have found, there is no shortage of people who will look you straight in the eye and lie to you. At least Paypal gives me recourse in that situation.
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  2. K0EED

    K0EED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well "Congratulations" you are the first person I've seen who has publicly stated he'd rather buy over the internet and use paypal than buying in person.
    Everybody I know given the choice would prefer buying in person. Then again everyone I know that goes to hamfests inspects what they are buying and asks questions. If you can't test it before you buy it or the seller gives some lame excuse about why an item doesn't work at the hamfest but claims it works, unless the item is nearly free or at least worth the cost of the parts I walk away. As they say there is one born every minute.
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  3. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    I find that hard to believe. Maybe it's just in the crowds you hang out in. I can usually get things cheaper on the internet (even if I have to wait until I see a cheaper one offered) and I have recourse if it's not as described/doesn't work. Just take a look in the forums here. If someone doesn't mention they take paypal, usually the first response is "Do you take Paypal?"

    Granted, it's not perfect... but I can buy something new in the box with it without pulling it out, plugging it in, and waiting for it to charge so I can test it before buying. Also, if it works when I plug it up and test it, but dies 2 days later... if I bought it on ebay at least, I have a return window.

    I'm also saying maybe it's the crowds you hang in because I've met many of the older generation in ham radio that hate computers and look for reasons to despise anything to do with computers. My generation and below is the exact opposite. I grew up with computers, taught myself BASIC at 11. I took data processing at the local community college at 18. I wrote a program for my daughter to watch movies/play her music before she could read. I have a raspberry pi recording all my OTA TV shows to a WD MyCloud so we can watch them on our phones/tablets/laptops, subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime and don't have cable. I do most of my shopping online.
  4. K0EED

    K0EED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's funny you mentioned the crowd I hang in. I deleted part of my last comment about the hamfests/attendees at the hamfests you have been to but thought better and didn't want to impugn the entire state of Alabama ham population or the hams at whichever hamfests you have been to. Hey if it works for you that's great. I've bought plenty both online and at hamfests. But I've not only read about others having problems as a seller and using paypal but have had my own experience years ago before Paypal went off the rails to protect the buyer and threw the sellers under the bus. I won't belabor the point and just say there are buyers out there who use paypal as a way to help them run their scam. Not saying it's the majority of folks because it's not but it does happen and to think Paypal is the end all be all well it's not. As a seller you are at risk but then again any transaction in person or not there is risk. That's not just in ham radio. Remember the old saying "buyer beware" but if using paypal works for you as a buyer great. I've used it as well as a buyer but no more as a seller.
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  5. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Without paypal though, the seller has all the power. The seller can screw you out of money by just lying about the product. It may work until it gets good and warm, then start having problems. All he has to do is tell you how great of an item it is...

    Granted, as I said, it's not perfect. But, I've been buying and selling on ebay since 1998. I have had less problems there with losing my money than in person....hamfests, craigslist, etc

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  6. K0EED

    K0EED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    See how taking your quote and changing a few words to represent reality can change your view???
  7. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not completely. Paypal does err on the side of the buyer. I will agree there, but you do have a third party (PayPal) to hear the dispute. I have won on dispute resolution with PayPal before. It DOES happen. You just have to take a LOT of pictures and be prepared. At the worst, if they do side with the buyer in that situation, you're out shipping

    On the other hand, without it, what recourse does the buyer have? The only thing he can do is to try and take you to small claims court. A judgment doesn't guarantee payment either.

    That's why I always prefer PayPal for buying or selling and won't buy from anyone that doesn't accept PayPal I want to treat people the way I wish to be treated, so I allow mediation....and I'm not gambling with my money and hoping the seller is a good guy.

    Look at all these scams you see on this site. People are sending money orders or sending PayPal as "friends and family" and financing some scammer's college education fund for his kids
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  8. K0EED

    K0EED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    That bolded comment is where you are wrong. 100% wrong. Just look at Post#36 of this thread.
  9. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, let's look at it:

    So, he's had hundreds of paypal transactions and never had this happen. Safe to say it's rare. BUT, let's look at the rest:

    PayPal gives him two options: file a police report or sign a notarized affidavit. Neither require too much effort. You can find a notary at a lot of Walmarts. A police report is free.

    HE CHOOSES not to do either and just let the guy get away with it. They gave him options to get his money back from the fraud and he chooses not to pursue.

    Now, what if the guy had sent a money order and the seller sent it to him like that? No recourse. What if he sent a brick instead? No recourse.

    In this situation, both parties had recourse. He CHOSE not to follow through. If he had pictures to show the differences before and after, it'd be a slam dunk
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  10. K0EED

    K0EED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You completely miss the point. One bad transaction on paypal as a seller can obliterate many previous sucessfull transactions. You feel like giving away a radio that works anytime soon? Nevemind don't bother to answer. Like I said before buying in person is the way to go. Maybe not for you as you like having the ability to take an item and do what you want with it and then if it doesn't fit your liking for any reason you call on paypal apparently to get your money back for you. You are the reason I as a seller wouldn't use paypal. I'd rather deal in person. You can see what you are getting test it and if you don't like it you can walk away or negotiate a price you are happy with assuming both parties agree to it. Sellers have no control over what a buyer does with the item or how it's used once it leaves their hands. The buyer can misuse or blow it up and then cry to paypal about it not working. Send a blown radio back to the seller and get their money back and you walk away with your money and the seller is screwed. Nope. We'll agree to disagree on this one.
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