Buxcomm 1606T2FD

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by WQ2H, May 15, 2018.

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  1. WQ2H

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    RE: Buxcomm 1606T2FD (85' folded dipole w/ hybrid BTR & Balun)

    Well, I finally got this antenna (my Christmas present) up and deployed - presently about 40 feet up. Since I intend to use it mostly for 75/80m across New England I'm presently feeding it with about 90 feet of LMR-195. First out of the box SWR reading at 3582 kHz was 1.45. Joy was almost immediately achieved.

    First thing you notice is how low the noise floor is. My first antenna is a pair of 8-band Buckmasters mounted perpendicular (which I really-realy like) and the Boxcomm is easily 10db lower. I did some first order comparisons the other night on a net and it worked very well. Good reports from all stations. It's easy at first to ignore the significance of the lower noise until you start to increase your receiver gain and, if you have it, enable any noise cancelling like the Timewave ANC-4. It so happens that I have an end-fed parallel to the dipole and it worked great as a noise canceller. Another 5db easy. The clarity (or maybe frequency response??) of the signals appears to be improved - but I'll certainly need to put more time into understanding exactly what I'm dealing with.

    I will post additional results but so far for the price, I'm very pleased with the performance of this antenna.


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