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Bulletproof CC&R\'s

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 27, 2002.

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    Use Caution. A lot of CC&R's actually prohibit amateur radio operation from the residence all together. It states it specifically in the language of the CC&R agreement. I had a stealth antenna up for awhile until the HOA proved that I was transmitting. It was no eyesore at all, and looked to be part of the house. My antenna was totally concealed inside a phony chimney that I had the builder erect as the house was being built. I was only working 2-meters with low power, so interference was no issue. The neighbors picked me up on their scanners and filed a complaint. I tried taking the homeowners association to court twice, and lost both times. My attorney even brought up the fact that a lot of the residents utilize FRS radios, so what’s the difference? No dice. The judge stated that since FRS radios do not require an amateur radio license, they are allowed. The language in the CC&R specifically prohibited amateur radio operation, and the judge upheld that clause. I lost on appeal too. Cost me a lot of money. Bottom line... read close before you sign. BTW I'm in Troy, Michigan.

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